Aldridge Spurs the Thunder

By Connor MacKenzie @grandepadre94 The San Antonio Spurs used hot shooting and a hungry LaMarcus Aldridge to fuel a game for the ages, a 154-147 2OT thriller. Aldridge had a career high 56 points, 9 rebounds, and 4 assists. He was white hot all night. Patented turnaround midrange jumper, catch-and-shoot, or old school pound in the paint. Adams did his work to force Aldridge outside, … Continue reading Aldridge Spurs the Thunder

New Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame at Bricktown Ballpark

A suite down the left field line of Bricktown Ballpark laid vacant for years. Until the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame had an idea. The suite used to house a sports bar that allowed fans to eat with a view. Not a bad one for my money. The new location truly showcases the OKC MAPS vision. I know you’re asking, what in the heck is … Continue reading New Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame at Bricktown Ballpark

Thunder Roll in Season Opener

By: Trinton Mills The NBA season is in full swing and the Oklahoma City Thunder dominated in their home opener against the New York Knicks With a final score of 105 to 84, Paul George lead all scorers with 28 points. Other players that produced were Russell Westbrook, who racked in another triple double with  21 points, 16 assists, and 10 boards. Carmelo Anthony added … Continue reading Thunder Roll in Season Opener

Westbrook Carries Oklahoma

By Glen Chenoweth Westbrook won the MVP. Should he be the MVP? Yes and this isn’t a question. Calvin wrote about the MVP race in mid-November and while the stats are not up to date, Russ carried the Thunder all season long and won the MVP, but this isn’t about why Westbrook won. This is article is about the state of Oklahoma, who got a win after a … Continue reading Westbrook Carries Oklahoma

Tarmac Titan

By Chet Kennedy “Man, it’s hot as balls out here!” Exclaimed a sweatier than usual Daniel Stober, jockeying for position against the chain link fence separating the private hangar from the 500 hundred crazy animals challenging the sweltering heat, all hoping to welcome or merely catch a glimpse of a certain new acquisition. “I can’t believe it, Paul freakin’ George!”.  It was a consensual feeling … Continue reading Tarmac Titan

Westbrook Slays Pelicans’ Two Headed Duo

By Shayden Smith What is more fun to watch? Russell Westbrook putting up a triple-double or DeMarcus Cousins receiving a technical? I honestly don’t know. Westbrook is probably, wait, is the most exciting player to watch in the league. Posting a triple-double is like shooting a layup for him. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s going to be easy for Westbrook to … Continue reading Westbrook Slays Pelicans’ Two Headed Duo

Kanter What Did the Bench Do to You?

 By Shayden Smith  ​Thursday night held one of the more intense games of the NBA season thus far, and I’m not talking about the Thunder versus the Mavericks. I’m talking about the epic showdown between everyone’s favorite, or second favorite, stache bro and the bench, and I’m not talking about the bench players. I’m talking about the literal bench. You know, the place where players … Continue reading Kanter What Did the Bench Do to You?

Christmas Character Comparisons: Oklahoma Edition

1. Barry Switzer is Papa Elf from Elf There is just something whimsical about Barry Switzer that just makes you want to sit on his lap and have him twinkle some magic pixie dust in your hair. As the head elf, Papa Elf made sure that Santa’s sled worked after Kevin Durant told everyone that Santa did not exist. That’s the real reason he donated … Continue reading Christmas Character Comparisons: Oklahoma Edition