Leave the College Football Playoff Alone

College football is all about tradition, tradition makes college football just that. We’ve got a new one. College football fans bashing the College Football Playoff in every way they can, complaining left and right about all its so-called flaws. Psst It’s really not that bad. Every single year, Twitter explodes with complaints about (1) The teams selected (in any given year) (2) The lack of … Continue reading Leave the College Football Playoff Alone

Thunder Thump Lakers in LaLa Land

By Connor MacKenzie   To say the Thunder had a rocky start (more so 3 and a half quarters) shooting and defending the ball,would be an understatement. However, as elite teams do, they escaped Los Angeles with a 107-100 victory.    Paul George heard his fair share of boos upon his return to the city of Angels and got into early foul trouble in the … Continue reading Thunder Thump Lakers in LaLa Land

Oklahoma Sports Fans, reminisce

The Oklahoma sports scene has come a long way. It’s made a statement on the national scene, because of memorable, and, for that matter, under-appreciated, athletes, facilities, coaches, and things. So, sit back, relax, and get prepared to say “oh yeah.” The OKC Hornets During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the, then, New Orleans Hornets couldn’t call New Orleans home. So they traveled to Oklahoma … Continue reading Oklahoma Sports Fans, reminisce

Scheduling Kills the Terps chances for 8 Wins

By Zach Lutz | @zachlutz6 Since arriving in the Big Ten in 2014, saying it’s been an uphill battle for Maryland is an overstatement. Going into 2017, the Terps had realistic hopes of improving on a season where they finished 7-6 after a bowl victory, however, injuries cleaned out their entire QB rotation and the team struggled down the stretch to do much of anything. … Continue reading Scheduling Kills the Terps chances for 8 Wins

Bowl Game or Bust for the Hoosiers

By Zach Lutz | @zachlutz6 Since 2013, Indiana football has achieved moderate success on multiple occasions, and no doubt, fans are thankful for the improvement and consistent 5 and 6-win seasons, but now it’s time second year HC Tom Allen escapes all this mediocrity and brings the Hoosiers to the next level. In 2015-16 the Hoosiers showed off an explosive offense with big playmaking ability, but … Continue reading Bowl Game or Bust for the Hoosiers

The Badgers are Back for More

By Ryan Coleman | @ryancoleman_98 Wisconsin is good. No sorry, Wisconsin is great. No sorry, Wisconsin is a phenomenal team that will be in the running for the national championship. The Badgers came so close to making the College Football Playoff last year and once you get a little taste of something, you always want more. This is exactly the case for Wisconsin who comes … Continue reading The Badgers are Back for More

Things are Looking Up for the Gophers

By Nick Halford | @nhalford2233 PJ Fleck brought overwhelming hype into Minneapolis last year as he took over the head coaching position. In year 1 the Gophers were a mediocre football team that didn’t win a road game in the conference. PJ Fleck’s offense that worked so well at Western Michigan was good for 12th in scoring in the Big Ten. Fleck will be able … Continue reading Things are Looking Up for the Gophers

Another 10 Win Season for the Wildcats

By Zach Lutz | @zachlutz6 Entering Pat Fitzgerald’s 13th season at the helm, there is no question Northwestern football is synonymous with a higher standard and an established culture. Fitzgerald has guided his team to three 10-win seasons in the past six years. With this consistent success, the Wildcats will not sneak up on anyone in 2018. So, how do the Wildcats build off the tremendous … Continue reading Another 10 Win Season for the Wildcats

Purdue Hopes to Improve

By Ryan Coleman With Purdue coming off a seven-win season under rookie coach Jeff Brohm in 2017, only the second time with at least a seven-win season in the past ten years, expectations are high for the Boilermakers coming into 2018. The only problem is that they are in the Big Ten West, a conference that gets better and better every year. Other complications linger over … Continue reading Purdue Hopes to Improve

Can the Fighting Illini Make it to a Bowl Game?

By Nick Halford Coming off of a 2-10 season where the team went 0-9 in Big Ten play, the only way to go for the Fighting Illini is up. Head coach Lovie Smith came in with enormous expectations in 2016 due to his success coaching the Chicago Bears. Unfortunately, Smith is just 5-19 in two seasons in Champaign. Illinois has been a young football team … Continue reading Can the Fighting Illini Make it to a Bowl Game?