Big 12 Football Preview – Texas Tech

Photo via Double-T 97.3 Picked 8th in the Big 12, the Red Raiders are poised for another humdrum season. Last year, Tech showed some promising flashes, but could never quite get over the hump. Aside from Pat Mahomes, Tech’s QB play has been unstable, and all football teams’ success boils down to the signal caller. Not only has the quarterback play been unstable, but, again, … Continue reading Big 12 Football Preview – Texas Tech

Big 12 Football Preview – Baylor

Photo via Brian Davidson/Getty Images Life can hit you fast, and the Baylor Bears are a prime example. As recently as 2014, the Bears were competing for Big 12 titles. They played in one of the best games, and the coldest game in, recent, OSU history in 2014. After the sexual assault scandal hit the school, everything went down hill.The snowball effect began with Art … Continue reading Big 12 Football Preview – Baylor

Big 12 Football Preview – Kansas

Photo via Kansas. They’ve become a nationally-known brand of college football, in the worst way. In the last 10 seasons, Kansas has won a whopping 30 games. 12 of those were in 2007, when they were, for all intents and purposes, one win away from competing for a national championship. The Kansas coaching situation, since their firing, of, the legendary, Mark Mangino, is comparable … Continue reading Big 12 Football Preview – Kansas

Opinion – PG’s Decision Validated Oklahomans

In case you didn’t hear the news, Paul George announced, last night, that he is “here to stay” with the Oklahoma City Thunder. See for yourself. You heard it here first. — Gabe Ikard (@GabeIkard) July 1, 2018 OKC Twitter exploded when the announcement was made. Fans were gushing in happiness. All of the tweets, from OKC fans, commended George for his, seemingly historic, … Continue reading Opinion – PG’s Decision Validated Oklahomans

Honing My Craft

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Surfing the web changed the course of my life. Twice. The first time, being about a decade ago when my mom stumbled across the “Today Show Kid Reporter Contest”. It was in 2009 when I was a finalist in that contest, that my opportunities in journalism soared exponentially. The second time was last November. My mom, again, stumbled across the “Al Neuharth … Continue reading Honing My Craft

The Thunder’s Options

The Thunder provided the most disappointing season in all of the NBA. No, the season is not technically over, but Oklahoma City will have to string together three straight wins. If the regular season is indicative of anything, the Thunder will not be able to pull that off. So … what’s the problem(s)?Is it the coaching, is it Sam Presti, is it, dare I say, … Continue reading The Thunder’s Options

Mid-Week Woes and Conference Strength Continues for OSU

The Cowboy baseball team enjoyed a 3-1 week, with the only loss coming from a home, mid-week tilt with Oral Roberts. The Pokes swept Kansas. OSU stepped up in the first inning of the ORU game and hit back-to-back bombs to take an early 2-0 lead. That should have rattled the pitcher, but make no mistake, ORU came charging back. The Golden Eagles went on … Continue reading Mid-Week Woes and Conference Strength Continues for OSU