Summer Internships is offering a variety of internships for Summer 2017 Oklahoma City Energy Responsibilities: Provide Recaps for home and away games Attend 75% of home games Get quotes from players and coaches after the game Oklahoma City Dodgers Responsibilities: Provide Recaps for home and away games Attend 75% of home games Get quotes from players and coaches after the game Tulsa Drillers Responsibilities: Provide Recaps … Continue reading Summer Internships

A Triple-Double isn’t Enough

By Shayden Smith Russell Westbrook’s 39th triple-double of this late season was bittersweet to say the least. The OKC Thunder were up by more than 20 at one point in the game, but the San Antonio Spurs had different plans Friday night. OKC’s own superhuman with incredible style has been giving all he has in the Thunder’s previous games. I literally almost destroyed my roommates … Continue reading A Triple-Double isn’t Enough

Forgetting the Clutch

By Chet Kennedy We’ve all had or heard the MVP debate. I personally have said horrific things to friends, family and loved ones defending our beloved Prairie King’s claim to the trophy. When you hear insane, ignorant things like “Harden should be MVP”, the anger is rightfully justified. As Mother Teresa probably once said, “Respect the Brodie, or I’ll cut you”.  It’s easy to forgive … Continue reading Forgetting the Clutch

Money Mike Doubles Down

By Glen Chenoweth  Well that didn’t take long, again. Barely after news broke of the failed #BringDougHome campaign, the university announced Assistant Coach Mike Boynton would be the new Sheriff of GIA, erupting Stillwater into euphoric celebrations of Caligula-esque hysteria…or something like that. You really have to hand it to Mike Holder, hiring a candidate that’s somehow even less sexier than the James Dickey option … Continue reading Money Mike Doubles Down

Hit It and Quit It

By Glen Chenoweth When the final buzzer sounded last Friday afternoon it hurt. Not the usual disappointment and “what could’ve been” thoughts that generally accompany first round losses, this was more of the “we just took 16 3-pointers straight to the balls” variety. After the shock wore off from the Bombing of Indianapolis, we could all hold our heads high after all. Yes, we lost … Continue reading Hit It and Quit It

Westbrook Makes History

By Shayden Smith Can we all stand-up and take a moment of silence. All is right in this world yet again. Not only has the Thunder received another win during this late season, but Russell Westbrook is back to his old ways as the triple-double king. I would say I’m surprised, but Westbrook is incredible and the Philadelphia 76ers are the opposite. Sorry Philly, Joel … Continue reading Westbrook Makes History

A Rough Night For OKC

By Shayden Smith To say the Thunder had a rough game would be more of an understatement than saying Kevin Durant destroyed the souls of Oklahoman’s everywhere. The Thunder were looking good coming into Monday night as the Golden State Warriors came into OKC, winning their last five games. Russell Westbrook has been on an incredible run lately that would make any basketball fan cry … Continue reading A Rough Night For OKC