Meet the Team

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Walter Agnitsch- @waltera350 – Managing Editor and Writer-Graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma with a bachelor’s in Marketing and a minor in Business Administration. Walter is a former Classen SAS basketball standout and hopes to have his number 25 jersey retired someday. Together Walter and best friend Calvin make an unstoppable duo in the sports world. They have a record of 57-1 on the YMCA basketball court and hope to bring that success to the sports media world.



Shayden Smith –@SlimmShady21 – Shayden is a sports media major with an emphasis on production at Oklahoma State University. Shayden currently has a podcast with the O’Cast at OSU (The Slimbasketball podcast. His dream is to work with an NBA team in the future, whether it be writing or working behind the scenes. He loves all things basketball and hopes to show that in all his writings.


Glen Chenoweth –@GCBedlamBrother – Glen has been behind the scenes working for Bedlam Brother for a while now and he wishes to remain anonymous so no he is not Steven Adams.


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