A Rough Night For OKC

By Shayden Smith To say the Thunder had a rough game would be more of an understatement than saying Kevin Durant destroyed the souls of Oklahoman’s everywhere. The Thunder were looking good coming into Monday night as the Golden State Warriors came into OKC, winning their last five games. Russell Westbrook has been on an incredible run lately that would make any basketball fan cry … Continue reading A Rough Night For OKC

Gibson Makes His Mark

By Shayden Smith How good really is Russell Westbrook? Just ask the fans in Brooklyn. They had no problem chanting “MVP” Tuesday night when the OKC Thunder came into town to take on the struggling Nets. I respect that the Brooklyn fans recognized greatness, but this was not a late game situation. They started chanting it early in the first quarter. Brooklyn fans really need … Continue reading Gibson Makes His Mark

Is This The Year David Takes Down Goliath?

By Walter Agnitsch The biggest upset in the history of sports! Never has a sixteen seed upset a number one seed in the men’s NCAA basketball tournament. Could this be the year this all changes? We are in a world where basketball is becoming more and more popular. More people are playing the sport, meaning that the competition for these dominant powerhouse schools is getting … Continue reading Is This The Year David Takes Down Goliath?

Westbrook the Great

By Shayden Smith What makes a player great? Leading the league in scoring? Averaging a triple-double? Making crazy commercials that make fun of sushi in Oklahoma? Let’s be honest, the sushi here is a little sketchy. The real path to greatness begins with one of the most important things all super-stars should have: leadership. When someone thinks of the greatest leaders the game of basketball … Continue reading Westbrook the Great

Podcast: The Movie ThunderStruck Will Make You Suicidal

iTunes Link Stitcher Link On this week’s episode: Calvin Alexander, Sam Agnitsch, and Walter Agnitsch talk about College Football, Bake Mayfield, The movie Thunderstruck, and Sam’s new weekly article. Also: Walter does not understand how imminent domain works, Calvin gets out of Mason Rudolph’s way, and Sam thinks Jeanie Buss broke up with Phil Jackson because he won’t stop talking about the triangle offense. Continue reading Podcast: The Movie ThunderStruck Will Make You Suicidal