Westbrook Carries Oklahoma

By Glen Chenoweth Westbrook won the MVP. Should he be the MVP? Yes and this isn’t a question. Calvin wrote about the MVP race in mid-November and while the stats are not up to date, Russ carried the Thunder all season long and won the MVP, but this isn’t about why Westbrook won. This is article is about the state of Oklahoma, who got a win after a … Continue reading Westbrook Carries Oklahoma

Tarmac Titan

By Chet Kennedy “Man, it’s hot as balls out here!” Exclaimed a sweatier than usual Daniel Stober, jockeying for position against the chain link fence separating the private hangar from the 500 hundred crazy animals challenging the sweltering heat, all hoping to welcome or merely catch a glimpse of a certain new acquisition. “I can’t believe it, Paul freakin’ George!”.  It was a consensual feeling … Continue reading Tarmac Titan

Podcast: Gundy’s Glory and Presti’s Pursuit

iTunes Link Stitcher Link On this episode: Calvin Alexander, Kerry Alexander and over the phone Sam Agnitsch talk about the history of Oklahoma State football, Oklahoma State’s outlook for this season, and all things Thunder Basketball including why Paul George might stay in OKC for more than a year. Also: A rumored CIA agent cannot confirm nor deny his association with the association, we learn Paul … Continue reading Podcast: Gundy’s Glory and Presti’s Pursuit

Podcast: Durant VS Mayweather and LeBron VS McGregor

iTunes Link Stitcher Link Host Calvin Alexander is joined in studio by Jonathan Stepp to talk about the NBA Finals, KD’s legacy, biggest surprises of the playoffs. and Two New Segments are introduced. 1. Everybody Hates… 2. Calvin’s Conspiracy Theories Sam joins over the phone to talk about the Mayweather VS McGregor fight. Please like and review the podcast! BedlamBrother.com Continue reading Podcast: Durant VS Mayweather and LeBron VS McGregor