Reloading: Oklahoma State Basketball

By Brian Bass This offseason has been fairly eventful for OSU’s basketball program from day one. After the departure of Underwood, the nationwide search for a new leader ended up being in Stillwater the whole time. With the promotion of Mike Boynton, Jr. to head coach, he went immediately to work after being instated. The mission to him was pretty clear: reload and recruit for … Continue reading Reloading: Oklahoma State Basketball

Money Mike Doubles Down

By Glen Chenoweth  Well that didn’t take long, again. Barely after news broke of the failed #BringDougHome campaign, the university announced Assistant Coach Mike Boynton would be the new Sheriff of GIA, erupting Stillwater into euphoric celebrations of Caligula-esque hysteria…or something like that. You really have to hand it to Mike Holder, hiring a candidate that’s somehow even less sexier than the James Dickey option … Continue reading Money Mike Doubles Down

Hit It and Quit It

By Glen Chenoweth When the final buzzer sounded last Friday afternoon it hurt. Not the usual disappointment and “what could’ve been” thoughts that generally accompany first round losses, this was more of the “we just took 16 3-pointers straight to the balls” variety. After the shock wore off from the Bombing of Indianapolis, we could all hold our heads high after all. Yes, we lost … Continue reading Hit It and Quit It

Bedlam, Or My Offense is Better Than Yours

By Daniel Stober The Big 12 is known for scoring but at the end of the first quarter you could have fooled me. Neither team had acclimated to the cold, rainy weather yet, resulting in a surprisingly low scoring first quarter with the score at 3-0. OSU held OU to just two total yards on their first two drives and kept them from a touchdown … Continue reading Bedlam, Or My Offense is Better Than Yours

The Bedlam Preview

By Phil Rodriguez The end of the college football regular season is upon us, which means it’s time for the annual Bedlam game between the Oklahoma State Cowboys and the Oklahoma Sooners. Despite the historically lopsided record in favor of the Sooners, the Cowboys have closed the gap in recent years. Oklahoma State has climbed the ranks of the Big 12 and, much like Baylor, … Continue reading The Bedlam Preview

Really What is a Facemask?

Click here to listen on Itunes Click here to listen on Stitcher Calvin and Walter recap the crazy college football weekend. Calvin rejoices that OSU has finally beaten Texas in Stillwater for the first time since 1997. Walter and Calvin debate what a facemask penalty is, and some Thunder and NFL talk. Also, Walter and Calvin make a bet if Walter wears an OSU shirt, … Continue reading Really What is a Facemask?

Bevo Down As Pistols Are Firing In Stillwater.

By: Walter Agnitsch OSU gets their first win against Texas in Stillwater since 1997. For the readers who do not know my age, I was four last time OSU beat Texas in Stillwater. The game was defined by the offense and special teams play of the cowboys. The game started with OSU going 75 yards on the first drive of the game for a touchdown. … Continue reading Bevo Down As Pistols Are Firing In Stillwater.

Podcast: An Untimed Down

Click here to listen on Itunes Click here to listen on Stitcher On this week’s episode: Calvin explains why he loves OSU so much, Walter thinks Aaron Rodgers is the best Quarterback in the NFL, and Sam is finally back! Also covered, Why was Sam suspended, OU-Ohio State predictions, Oklahoma State-Pitt predictions, how good are the Jaguars or how bad is the AFC South? Sam takes a … Continue reading Podcast: An Untimed Down

Can OU still make the playoffs, who did OSU even play, and Butt Fumble Sanchez is a Cowboy.

Click here to listen On this week’s episode, why does OU even play 11am games? OSU’s opponent ices their own kicker, and it works! Mark Sanchez gets signed by the Dallas Cowboys, Sam Bradford is a Viking, and how many power forwards can the Thunder sign? Also Walter IS NOT and OU fan, Calvin snap chats during episodes, and Trey maybe dead. Find out next week … Continue reading Can OU still make the playoffs, who did OSU even play, and Butt Fumble Sanchez is a Cowboy.