Dear Kevin, Stay Away

NBA insider Adrian “Woj” Wojnarowski reported, earlier today, that Kevin Durant plans to be in Chesapeake Arena for the retirement of Nick Collison’s jersey. Durant should stay far away from Oklahoma City, especially on Collison’s special night. Collison incomparably served the Thunder, (and the Seattle SuperSonics) for his whole career. He invariably stayed with the organization, even in his final years that he spent mainly … Continue reading Dear Kevin, Stay Away

Leave the College Football Playoff Alone

College football is all about tradition, tradition makes college football just that. We’ve got a new one. College football fans bashing the College Football Playoff in every way they can, complaining left and right about all its so-called flaws. Psst It’s really not that bad. Every single year, Twitter explodes with complaints about (1) The teams selected (in any given year) (2) The lack of … Continue reading Leave the College Football Playoff Alone

Oklahoma Sports Fans, reminisce

The Oklahoma sports scene has come a long way. It’s made a statement on the national scene, because of memorable, and, for that matter, under-appreciated, athletes, facilities, coaches, and things. So, sit back, relax, and get prepared to say “oh yeah.” The OKC Hornets During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the, then, New Orleans Hornets couldn’t call New Orleans home. So they traveled to Oklahoma … Continue reading Oklahoma Sports Fans, reminisce

Previewing the TCU Horned Frogs

The reigning Big 12 runner ups of the Big 12 are poised for another reputable season. If nothing else, they’ll always have their defense as a head-up above the rest of the league. Gary Patterson’s hard nose defense keeps his Horned Frogs in Big 12 contention year after year. Their most notable game comes in the non-conference season vs. Ohio State on September 15. The … Continue reading Previewing the TCU Horned Frogs

Big 12 Football Preview – Oklahoma State

Photo via KTUL-8 Oklahoma State is locked and loaded for the upcoming Big 12 football season as … the league’s biggest question mark. Everything boils down to the play under center. Josh Henson’s offensive line, despite the loss of Brad Lundblade, looks to be in good shape. Mike Gundy’s newest hire in defensive coordinator Jim Knowles, is ready to bring a new scheme to the … Continue reading Big 12 Football Preview – Oklahoma State

Big 12 Football Preview – K-State

Photo via Daily Union The Men of Manhattan like to play, old-school, run-it-down-your-throat, football. They’re from a small, college town in the heart of Kansas, and, they’ve got, by some accounts, the most legendary coach of the game. That all used to play to the advantage of Kansas State, but, for about the last six or seven years, not much has come to fruition. Every … Continue reading Big 12 Football Preview – K-State

Big 12 Football Preview – Iowa State

Photo via Land of 10 The 2011, Oklahoma State, Iowa State football game is the most important game in Iowa State history (and arguably OSU history depending on how you look at it.) Since that fateful Friday night (people forget it was a Friday!), the Iowa State Cyclones have been the dark horse of Big 12 football. They will be this year, and they were … Continue reading Big 12 Football Preview – Iowa State

Big 12 Football Preview – Texas Tech

Photo via Double-T 97.3 Picked 8th in the Big 12, the Red Raiders are poised for another humdrum season. Last year, Tech showed some promising flashes, but could never quite get over the hump. Aside from Pat Mahomes, Tech’s QB play has been unstable, and all football teams’ success boils down to the signal caller. Not only has the quarterback play been unstable, but, again, … Continue reading Big 12 Football Preview – Texas Tech

Big 12 Football Preview – Baylor

Photo via Brian Davidson/Getty Images Life can hit you fast, and the Baylor Bears are a prime example. As recently as 2014, the Bears were competing for Big 12 titles. They played in one of the best games, and the coldest game in, recent, OSU history in 2014. After the sexual assault scandal hit the school, everything went down hill.The snowball effect began with Art … Continue reading Big 12 Football Preview – Baylor

Big 12 Football Preview – Kansas

Photo via Kansas. They’ve become a nationally-known brand of college football, in the worst way. In the last 10 seasons, Kansas has won a whopping 30 games. 12 of those were in 2007, when they were, for all intents and purposes, one win away from competing for a national championship. The Kansas coaching situation, since their firing, of, the legendary, Mark Mangino, is comparable … Continue reading Big 12 Football Preview – Kansas