Forgetting the Clutch

By Chet Kennedy We’ve all had or heard the MVP debate. I personally have said horrific things to friends, family and loved ones defending our beloved Prairie King’s claim to the trophy. When you hear insane, ignorant things like “Harden should be MVP”, the anger is rightfully justified. As Mother Teresa probably once said, “Respect the Brodie, or I’ll cut you”.  It’s easy to forgive … Continue reading Forgetting the Clutch

Money Mike Doubles Down

By Glen Chenoweth  Well that didn’t take long, again. Barely after news broke of the failed #BringDougHome campaign, the university announced Assistant Coach Mike Boynton would be the new Sheriff of GIA, erupting Stillwater into euphoric celebrations of Caligula-esque hysteria…or something like that. You really have to hand it to Mike Holder, hiring a candidate that’s somehow even less sexier than the James Dickey option … Continue reading Money Mike Doubles Down

Hit It and Quit It

By Glen Chenoweth When the final buzzer sounded last Friday afternoon it hurt. Not the usual disappointment and “what could’ve been” thoughts that generally accompany first round losses, this was more of the “we just took 16 3-pointers straight to the balls” variety. After the shock wore off from the Bombing of Indianapolis, we could all hold our heads high after all. Yes, we lost … Continue reading Hit It and Quit It

Is This The Year David Takes Down Goliath?

By Walter Agnitsch The biggest upset in the history of sports! Never has a sixteen seed upset a number one seed in the men’s NCAA basketball tournament. Could this be the year this all changes? We are in a world where basketball is becoming more and more popular. More people are playing the sport, meaning that the competition for these dominant powerhouse schools is getting … Continue reading Is This The Year David Takes Down Goliath?

Podcast: The Movie ThunderStruck Will Make You Suicidal

iTunes Link Stitcher Link On this week’s episode: Calvin Alexander, Sam Agnitsch, and Walter Agnitsch talk about College Football, Bake Mayfield, The movie Thunderstruck, and Sam’s new weekly article. Also: Walter does not understand how imminent domain works, Calvin gets out of Mason Rudolph’s way, and Sam thinks Jeanie Buss broke up with Phil Jackson because he won’t stop talking about the triangle offense. Continue reading Podcast: The Movie ThunderStruck Will Make You Suicidal

Asshole of the Week: Kim Mulkey

By Sam Agnitsch Turns out it’s not just the men at Baylor who are utterly clueless. Baylor women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey showed us this weekend that ignorance is equal opportunity in Waco. Coming off her 500th career win as the Bears coach, Mulkey stood at half court after the game, microphone in hand, and addressed the crowd. Most coaches would typically turn to reflection … Continue reading Asshole of the Week: Kim Mulkey