Dear Kevin, Stay Away

NBA insider Adrian “Woj” Wojnarowski reported, earlier today, that Kevin Durant plans to be in Chesapeake Arena for the retirement of Nick Collison’s jersey.

Durant should stay far away from Oklahoma City, especially on Collison’s special night.

Collison incomparably served the Thunder, (and the Seattle SuperSonics) for his whole career. He invariably stayed with the organization, even in his final years that he spent mainly on the bench. Collison, by many accounts, is “Mr. Thunder.”

Durant, on the other hand, betrayed the team to go win a championship he couldn’t win on his own merit. He has permanently scorned his relationship with OKC fans, and their superstar Russell Westbrook.

Before he has even attended, the attention has shifted to just that. On March 20, no one but Nick Collison should be in the limelight.

Frankly, I think it is quite selfish to attend.

Presumably, Sam Presti or Clay Bennet will comp Kevin’s ticket and put him in a luxury suite, which is a shame in and of itself.

Any other former Thunder or Sonics player should certainly attend the special ceremony. Only if Nick Collison personally invited Durant should he attend. Otherwise, he should stay far, far, away from Chesapeake Arena.

But how could we expect Durant to make a basketball decision for someone other than himself?

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