Leave the College Football Playoff Alone

College football is all about tradition, tradition makes college football just that. We’ve got a new one. College football fans bashing the College Football Playoff in every way they can, complaining left and right about all its so-called flaws.

Psst It’s really not that bad.

Every single year, Twitter explodes with complaints about (1) The teams selected (in any given year) (2) The lack of expansion to eight teams (3) The national championship happening on a Monday night, and (4) Alabama and Clemson ruling the roost. Let’s take a look at all of them.


    Sorry, UCF and Georgia you guys didn’t make the cut over Notre Dame. The selection committee strives to put the four best teams into their heralded invitational. They know good and well they’ll get complaints about that fourth team. By selecting Notre Dame, they selected the apparent best team. The CFP teams had a combined one loss this year. Try justifying picking UCF, over Notre Dame. Yes, both teams had undefeated seasons, but Notre Dame played a much stauncher schedule. Outside of UCF’s bowl game, they faced teams no taller than Cincinnati. The Irish, on the other hand, faced the likes of Michigan, Stanford, Virginia Tech, and USC. As for Georgia, they had two losses. Imagine the carnage if the selection committee bumped a two loss team in front of two undefeateds. Plus, Georgia eventually lost to Texas.


    Eight teams would require the quarterfinal games happening on college campuses. Sounds great, right? Not so fast. Put yourself in the shoes of a college athletic director, say, Mike Holder at Oklahoma State. Imagine Oklahoma State hosting a playoff game, in which they are playing. For those four hours, Boone Pickens Stadium isn’t truly the home of the Cowboys, but the home of the playoff. Holder has 50K season ticket holders to please throughout a football season, don’t forget about those in the club seats and suites. In order to host a playoff game, Coach Holder would have to turn away half of those season ticket holders to allocate the appropriate seating for the visiting team. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not justify snatching tickets out of the hands of 25K of my most loyal fans. Although it would be nice to have double the playoff games to sit back and watch, the prospect comes with fiscal irresponsibility.


    I concur with this argument. I would prefer to watch college football on a Saturday, no matter the game, with Sunday to recuperate. That Tuesday morning after the National Championship does not bode well for most college football fans.


    If everyone hates them so much, why don’t they beat them?! No matter the outcome on Monday, for the first time in college football history a team will have fifteen wins and zero losses. The College Football playoff isn’t designed for Alabama and Clemson. The College Football playoff is designed for winners. Not once when the committee selected the Tigers and Tide did the respective teams not earn their appearance. Not once when they won the National Championship did they not earn it. Alabama and Clemson boast the two most elite programs in college football, and will for the foreseeable future, unless teams begin to beat them. They have every right to remain in the playoff, and continue winning trophies.

    So give the College Football Playoff a break. The current system is light years better than the BCS and has made for some of the best college football games ever. Let’s count our blessings until the contract expires, then we can reevaluate.

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