Oklahoma Sports Fans, reminisce

The Oklahoma sports scene has come a long way. It’s made a statement on the national scene, because of memorable, and, for that matter, under-appreciated, athletes, facilities, coaches, and things. So, sit back, relax, and get prepared to say “oh yeah.”

The OKC Hornets

During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the, then, New Orleans Hornets couldn’t call New Orleans home. So they traveled to Oklahoma City, ultimately bringing the NBA to the Sooner State for good.

Photo via Trip Savvy

The OKC Redhawks

Many people still refer to OKC’s MiLB team as the Redhawks. They opened Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark as the Redhawks. Bill Teegins, and Chris Harrison (who now hosts the Bachelor and Bachelorette) called that game on television back in 1998.

Photo via Wikipedia

The OKC 89ers

The unis speak for themselves. Why OKC decided to get rid of this brand, we may never know.

The OKC Barons

Hockey came and hockey went. The Barons were always semi-popular at best. The elements were there, they played at the Cox Convention Center in downtown OKC, had a decent atmosphere at games, but the hockey just didn’t pan out.

Photo via KFOR

The Belldozer

One of the most unique quarterbacks in OU history. Stoops would roll out Blake Bell in the red-zone and almost certainly score, although, by OU standards, they weren’t that good those years.

Photo via Rant Sports

Tatum Bell & Josh Fields

These two go together, because they served the same purpose. They didn’t play on a 2011-esque OSU football team, but without them, OSU would never be where it is today. And they’ve got a couple of notable wins under their belt …

Photo via ESPN

Photo via Bleacher Report

When OSU Football won two Bedlams … in four years!

Les Miles had OU’s number in Stillwater. If he did one thing to revitalize OSU football, he won Bedlam games and took OSU out of “little brother” status.

Photo via WAFB

The Cowgirl FC NCAA run

2011 was a great year for OSU fall sports. The Cowboy football team enjoyed their best season ever, and so did the Cowgirl soccer team. They made an elite eight run, hosted games in the Cowgirl Soccer Complex, and had a season for the books.

The green Allie P press box.

For one year, for whatever reason, the press box at the hallowed Allie P. Reynolds Stadium turned dark green. They switched back to cream the very next year.

Photo via Stadium Journey

Todd Monken

The former offensive coordinator, who now works for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As expected, he moved on from Oklahoma State, as do many OSU coordinators.

Photo via CBS Sports

Larry Fedora

The now head coach of North Carolina spent quite a bit of time in Stillwater! People like to forget that he got his start in Stillwater, America.

Photo via Jeremy Cook GoPokes.com

Brent Venables

Oh, Brent Venables. OU fans hated him, he went to Clemson, and went to this thing called the College Football Playoff.

Photo via Clemson Sports Blog

Mike Stoops at Arizona

Yep, he was the head coach of Arizona in between his tenures at OU.

Photo via Coaches Hot Seat

Byron Eaton

Byron Eaton enjoyed a trifecta of OSU head coaches. Eddie and Sean Sutton, as well as Travis Ford. If that’s not unique enough, his last name is pronounced. eeTAWN Not EATin.

Photo via Jeremy Cook GoPokes.Com

Jeff Capel

Jeff Capel led the Sooners through one of the most unique eras of OU basketball. They eventually let him go, and he now assists Mike Krzyzewski at Duke. Not a bad gig.

Photo via Wikipedia

The Blake Griffin Era

Blake Griffin is entering his ninth season with the NBA. Feel old yet?

Photo via Wikipedia

The 1997 OSU Football team

Bob Simmons led the 1997 Pokes to one of their more recent, notable teams. The 1997 Cowboys propelled today’s success that OSU fans enjoy.

Photo via Stephen Dunn Getty Images

The John Blake Era at OU

Believe it or not, at one time, OU was bad at football. During the John Blake era, (1996-1998) OU went 12-22

Photo via Husker Board

Sans WEZ Boone Pickens Stadium

‘Twas a different time.

Photo via Wikipedia

Derek Fisher at OKC

OKC picked up Derek Fisher as their first notable player in the NBA that didn’t originally play for the team. Much like Melo, he served his purpose, and eventually moved on.

Photo via Wikipedia

The Flaming OSU Brand

No words. (Or picture for copyright reasons)

Bob Barry Sr calling OU games

The Voice of Bedlam. The GOAT. Bob Barry Sr called games for OU and OSU, but most know him as the voice of the Sooners. Bud Wilkinson hand-picked Bob Barry to call Sooner games. Not a bad way to start.

(This is a great book. I read it in one sitting.)

The “Ford Center”

A much simpler name, a much simpler time.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

And last but not least.

Kevin Durant

Photo via ClutchPoints


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