Big 12 Football Preview – K-State

Photo via Daily Union

The Men of Manhattan like to play, old-school, run-it-down-your-throat, football. They’re from a small, college town in the heart of Kansas, and, they’ve got, by some accounts, the most legendary coach of the game. That all used to play to the advantage of Kansas State, but, for about the last six or seven years, not much has come to fruition.

Every year, college football ‘experts’ like to deem K-State the “dark-horse” of college football, and, every year, they disappoint by finishing in the middle of the conference.

Frankly, the biggest storyline is the 80-something coach that K-State has directing its program. Will it be his last season? Will he coach until the day he dies? Will he resign out of the program’s interest? Who knows. It seems every time Snyder flirts with retirement he signs an extension.

Skylar Thompson and Alex Delton are competing for the QB1 title, and, if last season was indicative of anything, it appears, that Delton will be Snyder’s guy.

K-State has a less than favorable schedule, traveling to WVU, Oklahoma, and TCU. They’ll host Texas, Oklahoma State and all three of their non-conference games.

Will the K-State Wildcats shock the world this year? Maybe even make it to the Big 12 Championship game?


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