Big 12 Football Preview – Texas Tech

Photo via Double-T 97.3

Picked 8th in the Big 12, the Red Raiders are poised for another humdrum season.

Last year, Tech showed some promising flashes, but could never quite get over the hump. Aside from Pat Mahomes, Tech’s QB play has been unstable, and all football teams’ success boils down to the signal caller.

Not only has the quarterback play been unstable, but, again, aside from Mahomes, Tech has had no household name players. Take for instance who they took to Big 12 Media Days.

Linebacker – Dakota Allen (Former Last Chance U star at EMCC)

Offensive Lineman – Travis Bruffy

Wide Receiver – Ja’Deion High

Defensive Back Ja’Shawn Johnson.

If it weren’t for Last Chance U, and, assuming you aren’t a Tech fan, I think it’s a, pretty, safe bet that this is the first time you’ve heard of those guys. Except for the WR, Tech brought abstract position players to media days, which, IMHO, reflects how they expect this season to go.

However, all of those players joined a household name in Kliff Kingsbury. The “pretty-boy” of college football coaches. He’s a peculiar case. He’s the poster child of Tech football because of his time with TTU as a player, and his reported good-looks. (We don’t form that opinion, we just report it).

But, Kingsbury could finally be on the hot seat. Since Mike Leach left, the Texas Tech coaching situation has been up and down. Kingsbury doesn’t have an outstanding signature win, and his last few seasons have been underwhelming … to put it lightly. There’s a real chance the Big 12 could have three new coaches for the 2019 season.

Texas Tech, much like Oklahoma State, runs an air-raid offense. They put up points like the basketball team.

Speaking of the basketball team, what if I told you three years ago that Texas Tech would be a basketball school.

Weird thought, huh?

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