Just the Facts, Man

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Today, June 26, is decision day in Oklahoma. Another decision is coming on July 1. Unfortunately, Oklahoman’s can only vote on the former.

July 1, the Thunder will find out if they can retain their, so called, “Big 3” completely. Russell Westbrook is staying, there was no question of that, and Carmelo Anthony has already opted in to his, absurd, $27.9 M contract for the upcoming season. As for Paul George, his options are on the table. The earliest Thunder fans will learn of his fate is on June 30 at 11:00 p.m.. Although it’s only a few days away, it seems like an eternity to OKC fans, who have been talking about PG’s decision since the moment he signed with the Thunder.

In the early-goings of all this hoopla, NBA fans and media members thought it was an absolute foregone conclusion that PG would be gone with the wind. George made explicit comments in regard to his desire to play in Hollywood. However, as expected, we haven’t heard much else from him after those early-goings, in the past. The past is behind us, and NBA fans are much closer to finding out his decision than they are to the past. While we here, at Bedlam Brother, are not in the predicting business. (Thanks, KD), we are in the facts business. So, let’s go over the facts of the now.

Paul George’s (Widely Accepted) Options

Oklahoma City – Obviously, and to some, hopefully.

The LA Lakers – Who could be on the brink of creating the showtime Lakers, with signings of Kawhi, LeBron or PG.

Philly – It’s a possibility that PG would want to go eastward again, and perhaps join LeBron, in what be a long shot of a signing IMHO. George and James would be grandpas playing with the young whippersnappers that are the Philly 76ers. Get off my lawn, Ben Simmons!

His Indications of Signing NOW

Philly – I do not know of any indication that George has made, in regards to his possible intent to sign with Philadelphia. If you think, or know, otherwise, please tweet me @MyersVoice. I’d legitimately like to know.

LA – He is currently spending time with his family in Los Angeles, and has been, seemingly since the beginning of summer. However, as of late, he has given no, verbal, explicit confirmation of a future with Los Angeles. He was born about two hours outside of LA, 28 years ago, and obviously has made it his offseason homestead.

OKC – Matt Pinto, the radio voice of the Oklahoma City Thunder, reported on The Oklahoma Ford Sports Blitz, that George’s sister threw a surprise party for PG. Pinto reported that she invited multiple members of the Oklahoma City front office, and that plenty of Thunder logos were plastered around the party.

He has made, many, comments to the extent of, this is “just the first year”, and, to paraphrase, “unfinished business” in Oklahoma City.

George and Westbrook have clearly formed an off-the-court camaraderie, evidenced by an Instagram story that appeared to show the two playing paintball together.

George is clearly not one of those snobs who thinks Oklahoma City is “beneath” him. Right after the season ended, he had surgery performed in the metro, when he could have easily done so with world class doctors in Los Angeles.

This is super obscure, but his Instagram profile picture is of him in an OKC Thunder jersey.


As, previously, mentioned, Bedlam Brother is not in the predicting business. These are the most recent facts that could lead to speculation of Paul George’s decision. For all Thunder fans know, it could all be a rouse and he’ll sign with Charlotte. I wouldn’t put anything past NBA free agency. The best NBA fans and media members can do, before July 1, is review the most recent facts, and Bedlam Brother has just enlightened you with some of them. Please feel free to share anything that you think is noteworthy.

Check back here on July 1.

PS – #LeBronToOKC

Yesterday, rumors circulated around Twitter of LeBron’s wife visiting a prestigious school in Oklahoma City. Those were shot down later in the day when LeBron’s Instagram story showed him with his wife, far away from Oklahoma City.

However …

Today, Pinto filled in on Sports Morning of WWLS The Sports Animal. He addressed the rumors, but instead of citing LeBron’s “wife”, he cited LeBron’s “people.” He did not confirm or deny the rumour.

Take that as you will.

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