Top 5 Dez Bryant Moments as a Dallas Cowboy

By Kyle Dennie @TheKyleDennie

  1. On Nov. 13, 2016, Dez Bryant scored on a long touchdown pass from Dak Prescott in the third quarter in a 35-30 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in a thriller. Bryant paid a tribute to his late father who passed away the day before. He threw up the X and then pointed at the sky all while failing to hold back the tears. It was a big play in a back-and-forth game that suddenly didn’t matter.


  1. During a 42-21 defeat of the Detroit Lions in December 2016, Dez Bryant took a handoff from Dak Prescott as he was running in the opposite direction of the play. Just as the defenders committed to tackle him, Bryant tossed a perfectly-executed 10-yard touchdown pass to Jason Whitten. It was Bryant’s first career touchdown pass.

Dez 2

  1. During training camp in 2017, Bryant noticed a sign being held up by a young boy on the sidelines. The sign read: “All I want for my birthday is to throw up the X with Dez. Today I am 9 years old.” After signing the kid’s jersey, giving him a signed football and signing the birthday poster, the boy’s wish was granted. The boy’s mother captured the moment when the two threw up the X. Then Bryant brought the boy out onto the field and played catch with him. The boy couldn’t hold back the tears at this point. It was a heart-warming gesture by Dez, who was beloved by many young fans.

Dez 3

  1. Bryant bought a pet monkey while he was recovering from foot surgery in 2015. Bryant named the monkey “Dallas.” PETA didn’t agree with Bryant having a pet monkey in his house, saying monkeys “belong in the wild” and “not in the hands of football players…just to make a splash on Instagram.” Bryant responded saying “[Dallas] was one of [the team]. He got pure A-1 treatment.” Bryant later gave Dallas to a friend.

Dez Monkey

  1. During a Thursday night game against the Washington Redskins on Nov. 30, 2017, Bryant caught a 13-yard touchdown pass from Dak Prescott to surpass Bob Hayes and set a new Cowboys record for most touchdown catches with 72. Bryant accomplished this feat in 19 fewer games than Hayes. Bryant added one more touchdown to the list and finished his career with the Cowboys with 73.Dez 5

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