Mike Gundy’s Public Education Saga Continues

Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State’s football coach, is dabbling some political science into his repertoire.

Back in Mid-March, Gundy appeared in front of the Stillwater Public School board. He told the board he would “foot the bill” for increased security measures at SPS. That speech came shortly after the school-shooting in Parkland, FL. Gundy received praise from community members and made the rounds on local, and some national, news outlets.

Just a few days ago, Gundy was asked how he feels about the teacher walkout.

Oklahoma teachers from around the state have made the trek to the Oklahoma Capitol to plead for more funding for Oklahoma Public Education. Monday will be the sixth day of the ongoing walkout, and Gundy promoted an event at Stillwater’s Sangre Ridge Elementary designed to support the striking teachers.

Oklahoma teachers have pledged to stand firm for as long as needed to accomplish their goal, and it appears that Gundy will be along for the ride as well.

Update (5:44 p.m.) – Three minutes after this story was originally published, Mike Boynton, OSU’s basketball coach, voiced his support for the educators.

Update – (4/8/2018 3:37 p.m.) Gundy is clearly serious about the teacher walkout as he has posted a GoFundMe Page on his Twitter. With the tweet, Gundy reached not only Stillwater citizens, but his Twitter followers across America.

Update – (4/9/2018 12:10 p.m.) Mike Boynton is on the front lines of the teacher walkout. Below, he is pictured at the capitol with various teachers from Stillwater’s Westwood Elementary. He also got a few photos of his own.

Photo via Athlon Sports.

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