Why We Need Lavar Ball’s Basketball League

By Chris Thatcher

The biggest lie we choose not to talk about is that the NCAA is, and will continue to exploit the talent of kids don’t wish to take part in it. The majority of talented players drafted into NBA didn’t finish college. Playing for the NCAA was never the goal for many young kids, and there is nothing wrong with that.

However, what is wrong? Is the NCAA making these kids pretend college ball was their dream? It makes billions every year on the free labor of young talent, though at even the mention of exchanged money… scandal. What’s the solution? Someone? Anyone? Start a league in the United States geared towards kids the NCAA makes money off of doing what’s right… PAY THEM.

Uh Oh… what’s that in the sky? It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s… it’s… this asshole again.
Yes, the man trying to exploit them next… Lavar Ball. Say what you want about Lavar Ball. But, he’s going to try to fix a large problem. A refusal to pay your labor is illegal. Yet the NCAA (a billion-dollar institution) is continually getting richer because, in the world of capital… words go a long way. So, let’s create a term. “Student-Athlete” or more informally – free labor.

Lavar Ball is no hero. I could go on and on about what a pig he has been. But he’s not stupid. So, let’s lay out what needs to happen for this to work.

1) Acquire talent. Perhaps the easiest part. If you put money on the table, someone will pick it up; regardless of the conditions that come with it. Just look at the NBA! People up to this point are willing to work for free just to get that money. To an 18-year-old kid with a desire to help himself and his family, it’s a lot more appealing to get paid than work for free.

2) Establish the harsh reality: You probably won’t make it to the NBA. College basketball will always have talent, because so many of those kids know that they won’t play in the NBA. They are working towards an education. However, kids are going to be kids. Some dream bigger than they actually have the talent to achieve. And, even if the talent is there… so what? Are you willing to do the work?

2-B) How does the league do this and, protect the talent? As it was pointed out to me by Sam. Sometimes NBA talent needs more than a year to develop. The 3-B league should make a cap of four years eligibility. No red shirts. If you can’t hack it, that’s the cost of doing business. Sounds harsh… but, NCAA teams cut people often. That’s life in the competitive market. So, you seek sponsorship from Phoenix University. (All jokes aside) this is the answer to attaining an education during your formative years. It’s optional. But, it’s on the table. And, for 3-B players. Completely free.

I will not speculate on other sponsors. Because if the talent shows up. So, will they.
I want to close by saying. I do not endorse Lavar Ball. But, he’s the only one attempting to break the shackles of the NCAA.

Many fans will feel offended about losing talent from their favorite teams. For those that are against anyone taking a promotion, because you don’t want to see him work for someone else… that’s a 100% selfish opinion. You are entitled to that, but I’ll call it what it is.

The NCAA will fight this tooth and nail. Lavar, you are not the hero we want. But, FML… is he the hero we deserve?

We must have some shitty karma.

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