PG13 Fouls Out But Thunder Still Get the W

Shayden Smith

I’m not sure what I’ve missed more: Russell Westbrook triple-doubles or writing these goofy articles. Let’s be honest, the thing I’ve missed the most since the Thunder have been on offseason is my main man Alex Abrines. Anyway, the Thunder are back and look to make a big statement with a few new faces, including PG13 and Melo. The team has a lot to learn but is continuing to make big strides as the Thunder defeated the Indiana Pacers Wednesday night.

I’ve talked a lot about how great Westbrook is, and really, can you blame me? He finished the night with yet another triple-double (28 points, 16 assists and 10 rebounds). But this year is different. This year Russell actually has some all-star caliber players around him, sorry Oladipo. The Thunder now have Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. It still doesn’t feel real. I have to pinch myself every time I watch a game.

George only played 19 minutes tonight because of foul trouble, but that didn’t stop him from having an efficient one, scoring ten points off four-eight shooting. I wanted to see him dunk over Lance Stephenson but we never get everything we wish for.

Anthony had another great night for the thunder with 28 points and 10 rebounds shooting nine-17. He’s proved himself in a big way in these first few games, and as the team’s chemistry continues to rise, his game will too. But can someone please tell me why he looks at his feet right before he shoots? He does it almost every time. Good luck I guess.

This team has a lot to learn, but as the season continues, the guys will understand how to play with one another. If Westbrook gives some of his MVP powers, George gives some of his swagger and if Melo supplies the hoodies, this team could be arguably the best in the league. Maybe just stick with one hoodie player, we don’t want to be THAT good.

The Thunder struggled in the first half, but with some great rebounding and inside scoring, it easily took the win Wednesday night, beating the Pacers 114—96.

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