The 5 Best OKC Thunder Dunks

By Walter Agnitsch

To celebrate the 10th Thunder season we are starting off with ranking the craziest, loudest,  most thunderous dunks in the OKC history.

The fans are going crazy! Chesapeake Energy Arena has had several moments where it was so loud you wondered if the roof was going to stay on. Most of these moments were thanks to a rim rattling dunk that almost brought the basket down, or embarrassed an opponent. These are the top five dunks in the Ford Center/Chesapeake Energy Arena.

OKC Hornets Kirk Snyder dunks on Von Wafer

This is cheating I know that, but this is one of loudest moments in downtown OKC. The Lakers were the best team in the NBA and had the best player in the NBA in Kobe Bryant. On this night, the Hornets gave an absolute stomping on the LA Lakers and this was the cherry on top.

Jerami Grant dunks on Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant leaving OKC shook the Thunder to its core. Even worse Durant kicked us when we were down by saying all those things about the city and about the King of the Prairie. Durant’s first game against the Thunder started all OKC’s way and early on looked like the Thunder could cruise to victory. Capping off a run Jerami Grant absolutely posterized Kevin. Too bad the Thunder could not win the game.

Russell Westbrook dunks on Clint Capela

Words can not describe the difficulty of this dunk, but I am going to anyway. The game is on the line and you need a basket to seal it, everyone knows the ball is going to Russ. He has to run all the way to half court and back to get open. Then has to dunk left handed on Clint Capela. This truly is one of the best highlights from his MVP season.

Kevin Durant dunks on Brendan Haywood

It’s hard to put KD on any list, but this was truly a monster dunk. Ever since the Mavericks beat the Thunder in the Western Conference the Thunder have dominated them. The anger and frustration we have brought to Mark Cuban is a great joy in life, and hopefully, that continues in the seasons to come.

Russell Westbrook dunks on Steph Curry

Steph Curry is one of the most annoying players in the league, and Westbrook making him look like a JV high school player was something sweet. Westbrook has so much speed and then just to launch in the air just makes him impossible to stop. ‘Some run, some make runways’ just makes so much sense about Durant leaving but also how Russell can just fly like a jet and can’t be stopped.


Honorable mentions:



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