Westbrook Carries Oklahoma

By Glen Chenoweth

Westbrook won the MVP. Should he be the MVP? Yes and this isn’t a question. Calvin wrote about the MVP race in mid-November and while the stats are not up to date, Russ carried the Thunder all season long and won the MVP, but this isn’t about why Westbrook won.

This is article is about the state of Oklahoma, who got a win after a rough couple of years and here’s why.

Listen we are not a major city by any means, the last NBA team to move to a new city is, yeah you guessed it Oklahoma City. Where we had 3 maybe 4 inevitable superstars play at one time on our roster, seems glum right?

Yes KD left, and we traded Harden. Then last summer, Presti made a trade to send Serge Ibaka to the Magic to bring in an 11th overall draft pick and Oladipo who is a playmaker to play alongside Westbrook. Oh and after the season Sam Presti, The Wizard, traded for Paul freaking George, just had to slide that in there.

Oladipo came off the bench for Orlando last season and this season he was the second option on a playoff team, this was the first time Oladipo has played in the playoffs, the whole Thunder team had the youngest roster to make the playoffs. That is a victory within itself.

Fast forward to today and Westbrook is holding it down in OKC, doing the unthinkable and previously thought of unrepeatable feat of averaging a triple-double. He has national ads airing all over ESPN and Fox Sports.

This is more about Oklahoma as a state than anything else and oh boy has the story line changed. The state is in bad shape as a whole but Westbrook and his MVP season is now the national story line, not our quality of education and the inability to pay our teachers. The state budget is bad I think we can all agree, our teachers leave the state to raise their children elsewhere and Oklahoma is 47th in education.

Last year the Thunder were one win away from going to the NBA Finals, KD played two back to back bad games and won a championship with the evil empire. This year the Thunder lost to the Rockets and James Harden, who we traded but there’s no way the national story will change on Harden’s departure from OKC.

Adam Silver and NBA MVP voters, changed the Oklahoma narrative from tornado towns, awful roads, failing education budgets, and the break-up of Russ, Harden, KD, and Serge, to a story of Beastbrook’s unbelievable MVP season.

Plus Westbrook averaged a triple-double without another all-star on his team, the man got what he worked for.

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