Why I Love Lavar Ball

By Big Fill

Right now no matter what your opinion is of Lavar Ball there is no question he believes in his sons more than anyone else in the world. He comes out fully supporting Lonzo every day, Lavar did not shy away from the media or back down on anything. ESPN and Fox Sports had him appear on their shows multiple times and he went toe to toe with anyone who wanted to argue with him. Lavar never backed down and stayed true to his word.

Lavar Ball is building his brand the one way we all wish we had the balls to. Lavar bets Ice Cube, Shaq, and others over his own brand. To build his brand his bets include his own shoes, where if he wins then celebrities buy his stuff. What better way to promote yourself than betting celebrities and Hall of Fame NBA players.

He loves the hate, almost sought it out. He taught his sons to read between the lines, the three bros laugh at their father all of the time and can see he is joking with some of the stuff he says. A sane person doesn’t think Lonzo is better than Steph, but Lavar knows ESPN will tweet that out and send a push notification linking back to the man himself.

Even if you don’t like him for his antics, the man defends his kids, and his name. Big Baller Brand is one hell of a marketing success. We are talking about a man who averaged 2.2 points in one year of college basketball. Who is now a house hold name. Truly a success story if you ask me. Lavar Ball does what he wants and even though his team lost last night, he still had the gym sold out, so much so that NBA stars came to watch and had to be escorted out for their own safety. Lavar Ball is successful, but maybe he is a little insane.

Also, I am not sure that this should be categorized as an NBA piece since Lavar never came close to playing in the league, but for what it is that’s the closest category I got.

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