Thunder Draft Grades 2015-2016

By Walter Agnitsch and Chet Kennedy

For the Thunder after a year of no Kevin Durant due to him breaking his foot and the Thunder missing the playoffs, in 2015 the Thunder had the 14th pick in the draft. Naturally, they needed to fill the backup point guard position because they traded away Reggie Jackson. Cameron had a lot of hype coming out of college and you could see why. In his first couple of years in the NBA, he made some plays that made you think he could be a terrific 6th man. Unfortunately, he never developed and looked lost a lot of the time on the court. The Thunder were able to trade him for a starting power forward in Taj Gibson and sharpshooter Doug McDermott. There was only one player taken after Cameron that would have been better than Cameron and that is Kelly Oubre Jr, so it’s not like the Thunder missed out on a superstar. What hurts Thunder fans was Devon Booker was picked 13th and he has turned out to be a star. 2015 NBA Draft Grade D.

We all know the impact of the Serge Ibaka shakedown, so instead, we’ll focus on just the draft. When the night began the Thunder had zero picks, then Samuel F. Presti got bored and decided to commit grand larceny by basically getting the 11th pick in the draft as a throw-in bonus in the deal. Presti cemented his status as The Human Roofy on this day, taking advantage of yet another vulnerable GM who just couldn’t say no. Sabonis has struggled with adapting to the NBA at times, as well as finding his role being a rookie thrust into the starting lineup day 1, but there’s no doubt the talent is there. He’s shown flashes, most notably a 20 point performance which led to a Thunder road win against the Celtics, and has displayed unique passing/shooting abilities for his position, and once again, gotten on the cheap. With even more shrewd maneuvering the Thunder acquired the 56th pick from Denver for cash and a Westbrook apology for burning down the Pepsi Center back in April. They selected Daniel Hamilton, an intriguing prospect from UCONN that turned some serious heads in the D-League this season and as a multi-positional, multi-skilled player, Hamilton might even be ready to contribute as early as next year. All things considered, Thunder gave up practically nothing and could reap two potential franchise cornerstones as the benefits. Well done. Grade A-

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