Money Mike Doubles Down

By Glen Chenoweth 

Well that didn’t take long, again. Barely after news broke of the failed #BringDougHome campaign, the university announced Assistant Coach Mike Boynton would be the new Sheriff of GIA, erupting Stillwater into euphoric celebrations of Caligula-esque hysteria…or something like that. You really have to hand it to Mike Holder, hiring a candidate that’s somehow even less sexier than the James Dickey option takes balls, or he’s just trolling us, either way Holder saw your frustration Cowboy fans and then raised you a big stack of go f*** yourselves. Before we go any further, the obligatory “let’s give the new guy a chance” argument needs to be said. After all, Boynton has tremendous respect amongst the players and is considered to be an elite recruiter. He’s also cheap, something Holder obviously values but this honestly isn’t about trashing Boynton. He’s so off the radar it’s impossible to project how good or bad this hire was. He could fall anywhere between John Wooden and Nick Nolte on the coaching spectrum, that’s not the point. The point is trying to get an understanding of Mikie’s choice, because it raises question marks in very important areas.

The big word we kept hearing (and screaming at our windshields) during this past week was loyalty. We need to find someone with OSU roots, someone that wouldn’t see this job as a stepping stone, but a dream destination. The type of guy that would hide a gun for Pistol Pete while he’s bitch slapping Toby Keith at the same time. Loyal and True. I’m not saying Mike Boynton isn’t loyal, I’m just saying if he does have significant Stilly success, especially at his age, it will catapult his stock. The fact he has no previous connection to OSU until last season might be a factor if the Dukes of the world come calling.

Another important issue, emphasized by Holder himself, was experience. Boynton is a career assistant with one year of coaching experience in the Big 12, not exactly confidence inducing. Couple that with the genuine lack of excitement behind the decision, coming at a time where Underwood had reenergized the fan base. It’s a huge risk in a season that desperately needs to continue the ticket sales momentum.

So we are basically left in limbo, still trying to deal with the shock but also searching for answers on the future, it will be a long off-season until we get those answers. One thing’s for sure, Mike Holder isn’t changing.



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