Westbrook Makes History

By Shayden Smith

Can we all stand-up and take a moment of silence. All is right in this world yet again. Not only has the Thunder received another win during this late season, but Russell Westbrook is back to his old ways as the triple-double king. I would say I’m surprised, but Westbrook is incredible and the Philadelphia 76ers are the opposite. Sorry Philly, Joel Embiid will be back soon and more and more cats will be raised to the roofs of the homes of 76ers fans. I will never understand why they do that but I’m so happy they do.

Anyway, can we talk about Westbrook for a second? I know he had a triple-double, with 18 points, 14 assists, and 11 rebounds, but that’s not why I was impressed with him Wednesday night as the 76ers came into Oklahoma City. Westbrook shot six of six from the field, becoming the first player in NBA history to go perfect from the field and free throw line while gaining a triple-double. Westbrook looked calm, cool and collected when he attempted to score. He was selective with his shots and played heavily to his strengths. He also now has 35 triple-doubles for the season. I’m sorry Oscar Robertson, but it looks like your record for most triple-doubles in a season is in trouble. Westbrook ceases to amaze me almost every time he steps onto the court. I’m proud to say I’ve been chanting MVP to myself the whole time writing this.

Enes Kanter continues to prove that he should be the Sixth Man of the Year. He led the game in scoring with 24 points, off eight of nine shooting, and grabbing 11 boards. A combination of Kanter, Steven Adams, and Taj Gibson sounds like one of the most terrifying front courts in the NBA. When all three of these guys are on fire, the Thunder becomes an almost unstoppable force.

Dougie McThunderBuckets also had another excellent game off the bench, scoring 13 points. McDermott gives Thunder fans hope for the Thunders three-point percentage in the future.

Philadelphia played hard, but Westbrook and his amazing front court were too much to handle. Thunder take the win 122 – 97.


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