A Rough Night For OKC

By Shayden Smith

To say the Thunder had a rough game would be more of an understatement than saying Kevin Durant destroyed the souls of Oklahoman’s everywhere. The Thunder were looking good coming into Monday night as the Golden State Warriors came into OKC, winning their last five games. Russell Westbrook has been on an incredible run lately that would make any basketball fan cry like a baby. Well, Monday night did make me cry like a baby, but in a completely different way that I’m not too proud of.

The Warriors could not be stopped. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson combined for 57 points, both shooting an excellent percent from beyond the arc. Throughout the game there was a small fire inside me screaming for Westbrook to knock Curry out, but Westbrook is too much of a saint to do so. Truth is, the Thunder did not play well Monday night.

OKC was out rebounded in a game where it should have been destroying the boards. The Thunder only shot 19 percent from the three point line and only 54.8 percent from the charity stripe. The Thunder were out hustled in almost every sense of the word. Needless to say, it was a sad day for any Thunder fan out there.

So what about Oklahoma’s beloved MVP candidate? Westbrook finished the night with only 15 points, shooting four of 16 from the field, grabbing eight boards and dishing out seven dimes. Not bad numbers for a regular basketball player, but Westbrook is not a regular basketball player. He is one of a kind. He always gets fired up when it comes to the Warriors, as he should, but when this happens, his game goes to speeds that even he can’t handle.

But Westbrook was definitely not the only Thunder player to blame for this loss. Almost every player had a rough game, including the golden child. Alex Abrines finished the night with just 2 points, shooting zero of eight from the field. Oh Alex my boy. Just keep firing.

Thunder fans can be excited about Semaj Christon though. He was one of the only highlights for the Thunder, scoring 10 off the bench, and shooting four of four from the field. Did someone say MVP? Wait, those are still for Russell.

The Thunder fought hard, but the Warriors were too much to handle. The Thunder fell 95 – 111.


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