Gibson Makes His Mark

By Shayden Smith

How good really is Russell Westbrook? Just ask the fans in Brooklyn. They had no problem chanting “MVP” Tuesday night when the OKC Thunder came into town to take on the struggling Nets. I respect that the Brooklyn fans recognized greatness, but this was not a late game situation. They started chanting it early in the first quarter. Brooklyn fans really need some help up there. They were probably trying to get Westbrook to leave OKC to come play for the Nets. You know, so they could create the ultimate duo of Westbrook and Jeremy Lin. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

No matter who was chanting it, Westbrook did deserve to be called MVP Tuesday night. He posted his 33rd triple-double of the season, putting up 25 points, 12 rebounds and 19 assists. This was his 70th triple-double of his career. Westbrook is only 28-years-old. Imagine how many he will have by the time he is in his mid-forties. Honestly, imagine how many he will have at the age of 29. It might actually be doubled by then.

Westbrook didn’t have all the fun Tuesday night. Taj Gibson finally gave Thunder fans a glimpse of his old Chicago days. He finished the night with 17 points and eight boards. He and Enes Kanter, who also topped off his night with 17 points off the bench, give the Thunder one of the scariest front courts in the NBA. All they need now is for Gibson to grow a mustache. I feel like it should be a rule for all Thunder big men to grow mustaches. Only then will they truly become a legendary team.

One of the Thunders stacheless players has been making a difference since his triumphant return to the lineup. Victor Oladipo has been making his mark scoring 21 points off nine of 15 shooting. The Thunder needed its second leading scoring back and he has come back in a big way.

The Nets put up a good fight, but they couldn’t stop the ultimate power of the mustaches Tuesday night as the Thunder take the victory 122 – 104.

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