Is This The Year David Takes Down Goliath?

By Walter Agnitsch

The biggest upset in the history of sports! Never has a sixteen seed upset a number one seed in the men’s NCAA basketball tournament. Could this be the year this all changes? We are in a world where basketball is becoming more and more popular. More people are playing the sport, meaning that the competition for these dominant powerhouse schools is getting better and better.  We are also seeing advances in technology that helps these smaller schools game plan against the bigger schools to help overcome competitive advantages. These number one seeds better be ready to play because these sixteen seeds are coming to make history.

Kansas Vs North Carolina Central: upset percentage 50%

Kansas has proven this year that they are not deep, they were missing Josh Jackson for the Big 12 tournament and they lossed to TCU. Throughout the year they have let teams in games that should have been blowouts like OU and Texas. Not to mention the history of upsets to teams like Wichita State and Bucknell. North Carolina Central is not a typical mid-major team. They have played three power five schools and a win against Mizzou, this could be a really good matchup especially if KU lets them stay in the game late.




Gonzaga Vs South Dakota State:  upset percentage 5%

It would just suck if the first number one seed to lose would be a mid-major but I don’t think this is going to happen. South Dakota has lost sixteen games and hasn’t played a top 25 team. I think this game gets ugly and is my least likely team to be upset.


Villanova Vs Mount Saint Mary upset percentage 15%

Villanova really hasn’t played a great team all year. Their best win was probably against Purdue. On the flip side, Mount Saint Mary’s has had a nice out of conference schedule playing the likes of West Virginia, Iowa State, and Michigan. The problem is that they got blown out in all of these games. Look for Josh Hart to lead the Wildcats with relative ease, but if they are looking past this team to the next round, Mount Saint Mary could make this interesting.


North Carolina Vs Texas Southern: upset percentage 25%

Texas Southern is on a nine-game winning streak and has played Arizona, Louisville, Baylor, and Cincinnati. Their one flaw is their offense can struggle at times, but if their defense can keep them in the game this could be good.  North Carolina has been seen in a lot of peoples eyes as not deserving of the number one seed, that it should have been awarded to Arizona. What a moment it would be if UNC is the first one seed to lose, I think Duke fans would celebrate like they won the national championship if that were to happen.

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