Westbrook Slays Pelicans’ Two Headed Duo

By Shayden Smith

What is more fun to watch? Russell Westbrook putting up a triple-double or DeMarcus Cousins receiving a technical? I honestly don’t know. Westbrook is probably, wait, is the most exciting player to watch in the league. Posting a triple-double is like shooting a layup for him. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s going to be easy for Westbrook to achieve 41 triple-doubles this season. Now that’s fun to watch, but I’ve never not been entertained while watching Cousins play. He receives a common foul and acts like someone just ran over his dog. I was afraid he was about to start a second Malice at the Palace in OKC. I’ll never know which I’d rather watch, but Sunday night I was able to witness both as the New Orleans Pelicans came into OKC to take on Westbrook and the Thunder.

So Westbrook put up 41 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists for his 29th triple-double of the season. Yeah, 29th triple-double. Is that not ridiculous? OKC fans should all just sit down and appreciate the kind of player Westbrook is. He makes it all look easy, and does it with a mindset that we haven’t seen since the Black Mamba. Also sealing the game with a ferocious dunk is probably the most disrespectfully amazing way to say, “Yeah, you lost.”

Westbrook had an incredible night, but he had a lot of help too. Enes Kanter ended the night with 20 points, off six of nine, and grabbed nine rebounds. Andre Roberson had nine points off four of four from the field. Isn’t it fun when Roberson plays his game? Some people forget just how good Roberson can be.

So how did our two new additions do? McDermott is still trying to find his footing in OKC, scoring only two points off one of four from the field. Taj Gibson had a rough night with just six points on two of nine shooting. Both have had better games, but with Westbrook by their sides, they’ll find their roles in OKC.

The Pelicans came into OKC Sunday night with arguably the best front court in the league, but Westbrook doesn’t care about that. Westbrook and Kanter led the Thunder to an outstanding victory Sunday night. Thunder win 118 – 110.


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