Westbrook and Co. Fall Short In Indy

By Shayden Smith

Throughout NBA history there have been all-stars, super-stars, and legends. It is pretty easy to figure out who is what. Paul George is most definitely an all-star, maybe even a borderline super-star, there’s no doubt about that. So what is Russell Westbrook? Let’s be real, Westbrook has been playing basketball like a legend. Period. No, the Thunder did not win Monday night against the Indiana Pacers, but it takes more than being a great player to realize when something needs to change. Westbrook continues to improve his game in every aspect. Westbrook ended the night with 27 points, 18 rebounds, and nine assists. And this isn’t just a one-night thing. Westbrook posts these kinds of numbers on a nightly basis. So is Westbrook playing like a legend? In more ways than people realize.

Westbrook had another fantastic night Monday, but the Thunder are still missing something. Is that missing thing a Josh Smith from China? That’s a bit of a stretch, but let’s be honest, that would be fun to watch. On a different note, a few of the Thunder’s role players stepped up on Monday night. I still cringe every time I see Andre Roberson shoot, but when he plays his game, he’s a huge plus for the Thunder. Roberson finished with 11 points and 11 rebounds, in his second straight game with a double-double. I mean, it’s no triple-double, but I’m sure Westbrook is completely fine with it.

Steven Adams had another kiwi night as well. I don’t know what that means but I’m going to say it’s awesome. Adams finished with 15 points and grabbed nine ferocious boards. It is weird only seeing one stache on the court rather than two. I’m sure Adams’ stache feels incomplete without that other guy off the bench, and you know, his stache.

The Thunder bench was still lacking with no Kanter in the lineup, but there was a bright side Monday night. Alex Abrines played a mere seven minutes, but he was two of four from three-point land with six points. You know how I was saying Westbrook is playing like a legend? Well, Abrines isn’t far behind him.

The Thunder may have lost Monday night, but seeing Westbrook do those unhuman like things on the basketball court can put a smile on anyone’s face. The Thunder fall 93 – 90.



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