Thunder Struggles Continue

By Shayden Smith

It’s weird to think that the Chicago Bulls and the Oklahoma City Thunder are two of the worst teams still in the playoff race, but let’s talk about that later. Is there a cooler name on this beautiful, triple-double filled planet of ours than the name Paul Zipser? Haven’t heard of him? Well, he plays for the Bulls and his name is Zipser. Is there anything else you need to know? I’m not one to love unknown basketball players, except for Alex Abrines but he’s a future MVP, but I have to love Zipser from here on out. Anyway, Bulls super-star Paul Zipser came into OKC Wednesday night to take on the shorthanded Thunder.

The OKC Thunder has seen better days. The third straight game with no Enes Kanter didn’t go much differently from the first two. With an excellent performance off the bench from Jerami Grant, scoring 15 points, the Thunder had a somewhat better bench contribution. Let’s be honest, the score was not close throughout the game, but because of this, fans got to see some players they don’t usually get to see. Sixth Man of the Year candidate Josh Huestis saw the court for six minutes, scoring seven points. Needless to say, he was on fire.

So how did the starters do? Well, Domantas Sabonis only had two points off one of ten shooting. That basically sums up the game as a whole. Russell Westbrook had another Westbrook game. No surprise there. Westbrook ended the night with 28 points, eight assists and five rebounds. Westbrook is one of the best players on the planet, this we know, but he can’t do it all. The Thunder organization needs to make a huge move with the roster not only to improve its chances of winning a championship, but also to keep Westbrook happy. At some point he is going to want a good team, and frankly, right now the Thunder isn’t that team. Even with a healthy Kanter.

We all know the real reason the Thunder is on a three game losing streak. It’s because we don’t have Abrines in the lineup. No one can stop his majestic mentality.

The Thunder did all they could with no Kanter, but it wasn’t good enough to hold off the Chicago Bulls. Thunder fall 100 – 128.

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