Should We Make A Trade? 

By Shayden Smith

Does anyone else agree that it is hard to hate Kawhi Leonard? I mean, he’s so quietly incredible at basketball that it hurts my soul. It hurts my soul in the good way that makes me want to watch him play more and more. I feel like Leonard and Gregg Popovich don’t actually speak to each other. They probably communicate through a series of intelligent stares at one another, and then smile every once in a while when the other makes an unspoken joke. Anyway, we’re not here to talk about the Spurs. The Oklahoma City Thunder came into San Antonio Tuesday night to take on Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs.

This meeting didn’t go quite as planned for the Thunder. With no Enes Kanter for the second game in a row, and taking on the second best team in the world, the Thunder had its work cut out for it. I thought this could possibly be the anticipated game where Russell Westbrook dunks it from the three point line. It didn’t happen, but I would have literally died if it would have. I really do think my heart would have stopped. Well, Westbrook didn’t have that disrespectful dunk of the century, but he did play an excellent game. He ended the night with 27 points, 14 assists and six rebounds. He still doesn’t have that triple-double against the Spurs, but we all know it’s coming.

The Thunder had good contributions from Steven Adams, Domantas Sabonis and Victor Oladipo. They all gave strong performances, helping Westbrook on his epic journey of godlike play. The most noticeable weakness for the Thunder Tuesday night was not a surprising one. The bench scoring was way down, which makes sense when you’re missing a certain stache in the lineup. A very important stache it turns out. The bench did not shoot well, scoring only 22 points for the game. Anthony Morrow was the high man from off the bench, scoring 11 off three of 12 shooting. A 20 point game off the bench from Kanter was intensely missed Tuesday night. This is a good lesson for all the kids out there… never get into a fight with a chair.

The Spurs won the fourth quarter 29 – 19 in a disappointing Thunder loss. Losing 94 – 108.



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