Westbrook Gets Another Triple-Double And A Note To King James

By Glen Chenoweth

Well, the first game without Westbrook’s biggest fan, Enes Kanter, went kind of as expected, right? I mean OKC lacked floor spacing when the second unit was on the floor, and the Thunder did play the reigning NBA Champions.

With his 23rd triple-double on the season and his 61st overall, Westbrook was the only bright spot today. Toward the end of the second quarter, the Thunder’s offense fell apart. Abrines was guarding Kyrie and that did not go well, to say the least.

In the fourth quarter, Westbrook and Co. made a small comeback to only be down seven with eight minutes left in the game, then the Cavs, with their Oklahoma State Inspired Unis, went on a run to put the game out of reach.

Sure, Westbrook got another triple-double, but the whole team has to adjust more with Kanter being out for four-six weeks. If you had told me the Thunder were going to be  0-12 from downtown in the first half and 4-23 from outside the paint, I would have though the halftime score would be a blowout by 20+. To think the Thunder were only down by 13 to end the first half is remarkable.

Now for something I would personally like to tell KING JAMES, stop the whining! I am not talking about your conversations with the refs after everytime you are grazed. Nope, that’s not what this is about at all.

For a couple of weeks now you have publicly criticized your GM and the front office for not making a deal to get you another “playmaker.” For the love of the game man, c’mon. You are on a team with Kevin Love (All-Star and 3 point Champion), and Kyrie “Uncle Drew” Irving (2011 Rookie of the Year and All-Star game MVP). Make it work man. If you want to further your legacy as an all-time great, then maybe show that you have enough pieces on your roster to work with what you have.

ANY OTHER team in the league (besides the Warriors) would take your roster over theirs in a heartbeat, and I know I am just talking about this season, but stop whining about your team. Did Mo Williams retire when you thought he would play one more season, probably, but Mo Williams is not really that big of a loss.

So figure it out man, I know you guys have had a rough stretch of games, but I really want to see you all in The Finals this year, “gotta beat the best to be the best.”

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