Kanter What Did the Bench Do to You?

 By Shayden Smith 

​Thursday night held one of the more intense games of the NBA season thus far, and I’m not talking about the Thunder versus the Mavericks. I’m talking about the epic showdown between everyone’s favorite, or second favorite, stache bro and the bench, and I’m not talking about the bench players. I’m talking about the literal bench. You know, the place where players sit down. Enes Kanter was pulled out of the game and was in such an extreme state of frustration that he physically punched a chair on the bench. Kanter is now out of the lineup for the Thunder six to eight weeks with a fractured forearm, delivering a huge blow to the Thunder in this second half of the season. Kanter finished with only four points off the bench. It’s a sad day for all Thunder fans, but think about how that chair feels… poor guy.

​Russell Westbrook had yet another incredible game Thursday night, and surprisingly it wasn’t because of a triple-double. Westbrook ended the night with 45 points, eight rebounds and three assists. He may have only had three assists, but proved just how much of an offensive force he can be. Also did you see Westbrook’s dance after he hit his final three? It wasn’t good but I couldn’t help but to dance along with him.

​With no Kanter for the latter half of the game, bench production went down. Luckily for the Thunder, Steven Adams and Victor Oladipo were there to help Westbrook on his journey to 45 points. Adams finished the evening with 15 points, off five of seven from the field, and seven boards. Oladipo finished with 17 points, three rebounds and three assists. I can’t wait for the day when both Westbrook and Oladipo have triple-doubles in the same game. We all know it’s going to happen. I just hope it’s not one of those rare times when I’m not actually watching the game.

​Losing Kanter at this time in the season put sad faces on Thunder fans from all over the world, but at least a win helped bring joy in this dark time. The Thunder defeat the Mavericks 109 – 98.

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