Westbrook Almost Ends Gobert

By Shayden Smith​

​What is it that quote everyone’s beloved Brian Davis loves to say? “Chicken salad out of chicken something else.” I have no idea what that phrase means, but whenever I saw Russell Westbrook’s dunk attempt on Rudy Gobert, all I could think in my mind was chicken salad and something else. What is that infamous something else? No one knows really, but if Westbrook would have actually completed that dunk over Gobert, all Thunder fans from around the world would have simultaneously known what that something else is. Even though Westbrook didn’t finish the dunk, it was an intense moment in Monday night’s exciting game against the Utah Jazz.  

​Westbrook had another fantastic game, notching his 22nd triple-double of the season with 38 points, 10 assists and 10 rebounds. Westbrook also hit the go ahead bucket to win the game and is now tied with Larry Bird with 59 triple-doubles for his career. Is there anything this guy cannot do? He may not be starting in this year’s all-star game, but that won’t stop him from making crazy plays and leading his team to victory. Stephen Curry starting over a guy who is averaging a triple-double? Come on now.

​Oklahoma City had yet another difficult game shooting from beyond the arc, finishing just six of 20. The Thunder have had their struggles from the three point line this whole season. Is that the missing key to Thunder success? Shooting? I have faith that Presti knows what he’s doing. So will there be a big change to the Thunder roster coming in the near future? OKC trades Alex Abrines straight up for LeBron James? Who am I kidding? They’d have to give us three LeBrons for Abrines.

​Enes Kanter and Victor Oladipo finished the night with solid games. Kanter had 14 points and five boards and Oladipo ended with 18 points off eight of 11 shooting. Westbrook may be the Thunder’s leader, but OKC probably would not be in the playoff picture were it not for Kanter and Oladipo.

​Utah coming at the Thunder with everything they had was not enough to stop a game winning basket from Russell Westbrook. The Thunder took care of business Monday night, winning 97 – 95.

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