Westbrook Can Do No Wrong

By Shayden Smith
​It was the tale of two teammates. Two of the best players on the face of the planet making one dynamic duo that had any NBA star running for the hills. Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true? Any organization would love to have two MVP caliber players working together to make one super team. It’s weird to say that the Oklahoma City Thunder had that at one time. Sadly, it did not turn out the way most fans would have wanted it to. But let’s not dwell on the past. This is the new era of Thunder basketball with Russell Westbrook leading the charge. Wednesday night had the showdown of the century as Westbrook and the Thunder came into Golden State to take on Kevin Durant and the Warriors.

​Most people thought Wednesday night’s game would be a show of Steph Curry and Durant putting a swift beat down on the Thunder, and well, they weren’t wrong. The OKC Thunder was at a disadvantage with no Steven Adams in the lineup, but with strong contributions from Westbrook, Victor Oladipo and Enes Kanter, the Thunder were able to keep the game tied at the end of the first half. If someone would have told me that the game would be tied after the first half, I would have thought they were as crazy as Westbrook’s numbers.

​Westbrook earned his 21st triple-double of the season, ending the night with 27 points, 15 rebounds and 13 assists. Durant wasn’t going to let Westbrook have all the fun, as he posted 40 points, off 13 of 16 shooting, and 12 boards. Is this one of the greatest rivalries the NBA has ever seen? Westbrook and Durant going at each other’s throats? Maybe not to Durant, but Westbrook wants his revenge. Almost as much as he wants his revenge on Zaza Pachulia for standing over him. I hope Pachulia realizes he should be legitimately scared for his life now.

​Kanter had another sixth man of the year performance, ending the night with 22 points and nine boards in only 29 minutes of play. Oladipo finished the night with 20, hitting some big shots to keep the Thunder in the game. Although the Thunder played a great game in the first half, not having Steven Adams hurt them in the second. Thunder fall to the Warriors 100 – 121.  

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