We Need To Make More 3’s Part 2

By Shayden Smith 

​Anyone who knows me knows that I want Anthony Davis to come play for the Thunder almost as much as I want Russell Westbrook to have the most disrespectful poster against Kevin Durant the game of basketball has ever seen, but I wouldn’t mind having Karl-Anthony Towns either. Towns has been playing like a true all-star, putting up 27 points and 17 rebounds on Friday night. I’m not saying Towns is better than Davis, but a duo of Westbrook and Towns would be, well, fun. Also his nickname is KAT and he plays for the Timberwolves. That doesn’t make any sense. If he played for the Thunder he would be known as the Thunder KAT. That makes me want cry tears of joy. Anyway, the Thunder came into Minnesota on Friday night to take on the Wolves.

​The Thunder had another rough game from beyond the arc, shooting only three of 20, and Westbrook’s one of 10 from three didn’t help. Westbrook had another triple-double with 21 points, 12 assists and 11 rebounds. He only shot seven of 23 from the field, but continued to make hustle plays that kept his team in the game. What’s the definition of superstar? It’s when you’re having a bad game, but still doing everything you can to give your team a win. Steph Curry and James Harden have more all-star votes than Westbrook? Give me a break.

​Most of the OKC boys had rough nights shooting. Lauvergne was zero of four from the field, Sabonis was three of 11 and Oladipo was eight of 18, but one man could do no wrong, Alex Abrines… Just kidding, he was zero of one from the field. The real hero was Enes Kanter. Kanter ended the night with 21 points and eight rebounds off the bench. Andre Roberson also had a great defensive game with five steals and two blocks. If it weren’t for Roberson’s defense, Westbrook’s hustle and Kanter’s leadership off the bench, the Thunder would have had no chance to stay in the game Friday night.

​The OKC Thunder were unsuccessful Friday night in taking down the Wolves, but with better ball movement and some improved shooting, there’s no way the Thunder lose that game. Let’s just hope they improve on these issues before Wednesday’s game against the Warriors. Thunder fall to the Zach LeVineless Timberwolves 96 – 86.

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