If Only The Year Began The Way It Ended

By: Walter Agnitsch


Well, Sooner fans it’s not the National Championship season that we had hoped for in the beginning but this season has not disappointed. I know everyone would say they would rather lose in the playoffs than win the Sugar Bowl, but at least this ends the season on a high note. Let’s face it, OU couldn’t beat Clemson last year, and they weren’t going to be able to beat them this year so we should be pretty dog on happy that we once again beat an SEC team and we have Baker Mayfield back for another year.

OU for the last two seasons has taken the first quarter of the season to get the offense rolling. Some of the blame could be on Baker, for rushing his throws and trying to make plays on offense that he doesn’t need to try and make. Lincoln Riley the offensive coordinator has to be blamed for the majority of it. Lincoln is still a young coach and you have to expect rookie mistakes from him in the beginning of the season.

The season turned around against none other than their arch rival Texas. Baker threw for over 350 yards and Perine rushed for over 200 yards from there the Sooners rolled over the big 12.

The biggest two wins of the regular season were the last two wins of the regular season. The first was the blizzard in West Virginia, and the second was against OSU. It was these two games that put OU back in contention for a playoff spot, but in the end, the loss to Houston is what sunk them if they had beaten Houston, OU might have gotten in. The biggest what if of the season is wondering if Dede Westbrook was healthy at the beginning of the year would they have been able to beat Houston and Ohio State. The stats seem to indicate that those games would have played out differently.

The third year will be a challenge for Lincoln, in the past two years Lincoln has used his two running backs to jump start the offense and get them going, but with all-time leading rusher Perine and superstar Mixon entering the draft who is he going to rely on? Better yet who is Mayfield going to rely on now that Dede Westbrook is gone?  The one high note is Baker is the going to be the best quarterback in college football with an offensive line that is one of the best in the country. The biggest two opponents for OU next year will be OSU and OSU. I am talking about Ohio State and Oklahoma State, both teams will likely be in the top five or ten when they face and if OU has any shot they will have to win at least two out of the three games. OU might play OSU twice if they both make it to the Big 12 championship game. One thing that is for sure with emerging superstar Caleb Kelley, and Jordan Thomas returning the defense will be ready to play, but will Baker Mayfield and the offense be ready to go or will they once again start the season in an offensive slump and get blown out by Ohio State again.

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