Where Does Ronda Rousey Go from Here?

By Jonathan Stepp

No person breathing on this earth is invincible, male or female. No matter how intimidating or untouchable they may seem, they can be brought down. Ronda Rousey, for many people, seemed to be unbeatable or even invincible. She for the longest time crushed her UFC division and made it look way too easy. You could have reasonably compared her to Alabama playing in the Sun Belt Conference, utterly dominating her opponent week in and week out. But even the Crimson Tide have been humbled before, and so has Ronda Rousey. While fighting Holly Holm, she was knocked out and handed her first major loss of her career. It stunned many, but it seemed to especially shock Rousey. You could see it on her face, she thought she would make easy work of Holly Holm and ride off into the sunset to become a Hollywood actress. But that didn’t happen, instead she was beaten and then possibly faced the end of her career if she lost in a rematch. But, no matter what happened in the future Holly Holm proved the Ronda Rousey was not invincible. She laid out a blueprint on how to defeat the UFC’s golden girl. Rousey after that loss had to face a new reality, and she had to find a way to reclaim her stardom. I for one thought she would come back stronger than ever, fueled by her loss and ready to reclaim her belt. But, as you all know that rematch never happened, Holm was defeated herself and handed the belt to Miesha Tate. Who then lost to Amanda Nunes who won the belt. Rousey, when she came back, was immediately rewarded a title shot. Although it was not her chance at revenge with Holm, many thought she would come out storming against Nunes and easily reclaim her belt. Instead, she was beaten again even worse than Holly Holm beat her. She didn’t even look like she wanted to be there. She was beaten easily in the first round, and it looked like she had turned into one of her former opponents. She could have lost that fight if it was close, and still possibly kept her career alive. But the fight was so lopsided that it’s very hard to see a path forward for her. I love Rousey personally, and I hope she does make a comeback. She could perhaps try acting, but her marketability has taken massive hits lately that might put that in danger. If she were to come back and win the title, against anybody really, I think it would be very smart for her to retire with the belt and try acting. She no doubt has the looks, but without her fearless reputation as a fighter, she is just another actress. Many may consider her down for the count, but If anyone could turn things around, it’s her.


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