The Young Bucks Were Just Too Much

By Shayden Smith

If there is one thing that all fans of the NBA can agree on, it’s that LeBron James is undoubtedly the best player in the East. But want to know why Giannis Antetokounmpo deserves that honor? Just look at his name. Imagine trying to write that name on your elementary school papers. If my name was Antetokounmpo, I wouldn’t know how to spell it till I was in my 20’s. My last name is Smith. What name is easier to remember than Smith? Giannis deserves a round of applause for knowing how to spell his own last name. Anyway, the Thunder came into Milwaukee Monday night to take on the Greek Freak and the Bucks.

The Thunder started the game off on a good note, taking a 15 point lead at one point, but the freak with the crazy name had other plans. Antetokounmpo ended the night with 26 points, 10 rebounds, and five assists. If the NBA ever created a team with the best all-around players, Russell Westbrook and Antetokounmpo would have to be among the best on the team. Don’t lie to yourself, that would be a fun team to watch.

How’d the thunderous OKC boys do? Westbrook had another fantastic night with 30 points, seven boards, and six assists, shooting two of 10 from beyond the arc. Was it a triple-double? No. Does that mean Westbrook is a horrible player? Of course not. OKC’s golden child will return for the next game for revenge. That sounds like an awesome movie I would watch in an instant. I mean, who wouldn’t watch that? Besides Kevin Durant.

The real story that came out of Monday night’s epic battle against the Bucks was everybody’s favorite, giant goofball, Steven Adams. Adams finished the night with 20 points, off nine of 11 from the field, and eight rebounds. Adams showed that he isn’t just a defensive minded center, but as Uncle Drew would say, “he gets buckets.” Adams can be an offensive force when he needs to be and I personally would like to see the Thunder play a little more through him on the offensive end in the games to come. Watching Adams play like this makes me want to grow a mustache, although my stache will never have the majestic beauty of his.

Although the Thunder opened the game strong, Westbrook and Adams couldn’t do it all on their own. The Thunder fell to the Bucks 98 – 94.


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