Win Streak Stops at 4 as Thunder Fall to Grizz

By Shayden Smith

So the Thunder decided to give the Memphis Grizzlies a visit on Thursday night. Do we really need to discuss this game? There are better things to talk about, right? Chipmunks are pretty cool. Did you know Siberian chipmunks have a lifespan of six to 10 years? Isn’t that interesting? Yeah, I don’t really think so either. Well, let’s talk about the weird game the OKC boys had in Memphis on Thursday night.

The game started out promising with the Thunder only being behind by six after the first quarter, and then everything changed. The Thunder finished the night shooting only 33.8 percent from the field and only 18.2 percent from three. Steven Adams was only one of nine with six points. Domantas Sabonis was one of five with only two points and Anthony Morrow was only one of three with two points. Everybody’s favorite basketball player, Alex Abrines, was only two of 11 with 10 points. Abrines had a rough game but I still think there should be a show called “Everybody Loves Alex.” It would be in the same universe as “Breaking Bad.” The adventures of Walt and Alex. Did someone say Emmy?

Enes Kanter was one of the few highlights for the Thunder Thursday night with 19 points off seven of 11 from the field. He was knocking down his shots and trying to get his teammates involved, but nothing seemed to help.

So what about Mr. Triple-double? How did our beloved superhuman do? Russell Westbrook ended the night with 21 points, five rebounds and zero assists, yeah, zero. Hey that’s his number. Anyway, Westbrook’s night was cut short after he received two flagrant fouls in 10 seconds for arguing with the refs. He was ejected for this. Westbrook says that he doesn’t get reffed the same way as other players. Is that true? I guess it’s one of life’s great mysterious, along with did he say “Kyrie” or “Jamie.” I guess we’ll never know.

The Thunder had a rough game, but it’s just one game. The team will shoot better, that’s for sure. Westbrook felt the league deserved a break from his majestic ferocity so he decided to commit his flagrant fouls on purpose. If he got a triple-double every night then the world would know that he really isn’t from this world. He’ll be ready for the next game, and so will the rest of the team.

Thunder fought hard but were unable to overcome the Grizzlies without captain Westbrook. The Thunder fall 114 – 80.



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