Russell Triple-Double

By Shayden Smith 

​Christmas day always has some of the best games of the season, and this year didn’t disappoint. The Golden State Warriors came into Cleveland to take on LeBron James. It’s weird seeing Kevin Durant go head to head against James without a Thunder jersey on, and he lost… hallelujah. Durant has always had trouble against his enemy LeBron, but it’s nice seeing him lose is a Warriors jersey. He is now four of 18 against James. Am I evil because that makes me smile? How time changes. Anyway, we’re not here to talk about the Warriors and the Cavs. OKC’s TRUE MVP, Russell Westbrook, came into Miami Tuesday night to face the Heat.

​I think Westbrook should seriously consider changing his name to Russell Triple-Double. I mean, hashtag why not? He recorded his 15th triple-double of the season Tuesday night with 29 points, 11 assists and 17 boards. Westbrook is the only guard in the top 20 list of rebounders this season. I’ve said this a thousand times and I’ll probably keep saying it until Westbrook does something so crazy that it literally kills me, but he is the greatest rebounding point guard basketball has ever seen. Sorry, Magic.

​Westbrook may have had another ridiculous performance, but the Thunder bench played like they were all fighting for their jobs. Enes Kanter had another impressive performance with 19 points and eight rebounds. Kanter and Louis Williams of the Lakers seem to be in a neck and neck race for the sixth man award. They should arm wrestle for it. That would be a fair competition right?

​Alex Abrines had another excellent performance Tuesday night as well. It seems as if I have a bit of a man crush on Abrines, but honestly, who doesn’t? He’s playing like a young Manu Ginobili. He’s been shooting the ball more confidently and I don’t know about you, but his floater game looks just like Ginobili’s. He played lock down defense Tuesday on Tyler Johnson, something I really didn’t know he had in his game. It’s nice when players surprise the fans with how they play, so keep it up Abrines. OKC fans have a lot to look forward to.

​Russell Westbrook and the Thunder bench exploded on Tuesday night against the Heat. Who needs Kevin Durant? The Thunder got it done in Miami, beating the Heat 106 – 94.


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