Russ Scores 40+ Again and Has Another Triple-Double… and The Thunder Win

By Shayden Smith

I wonder if the other Celtic players ever mess with Isaiah Thomas because of his height. I mean, Thomas is only five foot nine, I feel like no matter how good of a player someone is, they’re going to get picked on. I bet his teammates take his headband and lift it over their heads because he can’t reach it. I apologize, but that makes me laugh way too hard. Anyway, no matter how short Thomas is, he’s arguably the best point guard in the East. He and the Celtics welcomed the Thunder Friday night to take on arguably the best point guard in the West, Russell Westbrook.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Russell Westbrook is pretty good, and so is Thomas. I’m genuinely fearful for the people they play against. I mean, one wrong move and the two point guards are killing people on the court. I’m just kidding, they wouldn’t do that… right, guys… right?

Russell Westbrook has been on a tear lately with three straight 40 point plus games. He finished the night with 45 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists, leading all three categories for both teams Friday night. I’ve said this many times, but I am now convinced that Westbrook is from another planet, probably called planet Westbrook. It’s a planet filled with crazy, mutant people who do everything at triple the capacity of a normal human being. It’s probably the scariest planet in the universe.

The Thunder started the game off rough, but big men Domantas Sabonis and Enes Kanter had different plans, along with Westbrook. Sabonis scored 20 points off eight of 11 shooting, four of six from three. Sabonis continues to show promise. I don’t want to tell Donavan how to coach, but the Thunder need to give Sabonis more touches. Kanter finished with 20 points off eight of 13, bringing a strong contribution off the bench.

Another big problem for the Thunder was free throws, shooting just 66.7 percent from the line. I’ve had a lot of praise for Andre Roberson in the past few weeks for his defense and his three point shooting, but it’s a little ridiculous to shoot as poor as he has been from the line. Roberson only shot one of six from the line Friday night. My four-year-old cousin can shoot better from the line than that. Maybe she can give him some shooting lessons.

Isaiah Thomas and the Celtics put up a great fight, but with another crazy performance from Westbrook, they didn’t have enough fire power to take him down. The Thunder prevail Friday night against the Celtics, winning 117 – 112.

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