With Oladipo Out, Thunder Struggle Shooting

By Shayden Smith

Is it just me, or do the Portland Trail Blazers look like the bootleg Thunder? Think about it, they have an all-star point guard who wears the number zero. They have an excellent shooting guard in C. J. McCollum, just like Victor Oladipo. And they have a defensive minded center who can score when they need him to. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like Steven Adams. However you view them, the Thunder makes it look much more exciting, although tonight didn’t help the Thunder’s case in proving they’re the better team.

The Trail Blazers came into Tuesday night’s game looking for blood. I literally thought Damian Lillard was going to murder Russell Westbrook at one point, well, try to murder him, Russell’s kind of a monster. Anyway, Portland had a great shooting night at 53.8 percent from the field. Lillard ended the night with only 17 points and nine assists, but it felt like every player for the Trail Blazers was contributing to the best of their abilities. The OKC boys put up a great fight, but Meyers Leonard’s man bun was just too much for them to handle.

Although the game was lost, Westbrook still put up some pretty good numbers with 20 points, six assists and six boards. No, this wasn’t a triple-double and these numbers aren’t the number that we’re used seeing Westbrook put up, but hey, shut up. Westbrook played a good game and tried to keep his team from falling, but, and there’s no other way of putting this, the Thunder just were not knocking down shots. At 37.9 percent from the field and 29.6 percent from three, the Thunder have had some better nights.

It wasn’t just one player who was struggling from the field. Anthony Morrow shot just four of 11, Kanter shot only one of seven and the king of everything Thunder, Alex Abrines, was only two of seven from the field. One of our top performers from the field was Andre Roberson. Really? I love Roberson, I mean he deserves that defensive player of the year award, but when Roberson is our best shooter out on the court, something is seriously wrong. I almost bought a plane ticket, traveled to Portland, and tried giving my shooting talents to the Thunder. Then I realized that the Thunder couldn’t handle my amazing presence out on the court. I mean, I think I beat a 75-year-old man once at basketball… I think.

Westbrook did everything he could to stop the ferocious Trail Blazers from obliterating the Thunder, but his efforts were not enough. The Thunder fell to the Trail Blazers 95 – 114.


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