Make it Six in a Row

By Shayden Smith

The Thunder came into Monday night’s game against the Hawks with a five-game winning streak and was looking to keep the streak alive. Atlanta has been having an interesting season to say the least. They wanted to bring in a big name over the offseason to rack up some wins. So of course they acquired probably the greatest player to have ever picked up a basketball, Dwight Howard. In case you didn’t notice, that was a joke. Dwight has not been the same powerhouse center since he left Orlando. So did Howard destroy the Thunder in the post causing a crushing defeat for the OKC boys? Don’t make Russell Westbrook laugh.

Westbrook had another triple-double yet again Monday night. I’m not even surprised anymore. I used to throw off my shirt with the ferocity of a Westbrook dunk and run around my house until I would pass out every time. Now it’s just like a regular night for him, and he makes it look easy. Westbrook ended the night with 32 points, 13 boards and 12 assists. Russell Westbrook is the greatest rebounding point guard of all time. Yes, I said of all time and I would love to argue with anyone about that. Sorry, Magic Johnson, you were pretty good too.

I never would have guessed that Westbrook wouldn’t have had the best dunk for the Thunder so far this season. No, that honor has now been awarded to Victor Oladipo with his monster jam over Howard. Sometimes I forget just how athletic our team really is, but Oladipo gave me a good reminder of his dunk contest performance from a few years back. Well played Oladipo, well played.

I find myself sitting in the basketball gym all the time, pretending that I actually can play basketball with some sort of skill, practicing on perfecting my Anthony Morrow shot. How he can release a shot when caught above his head and still make it at a great percentage I will never know. This is another life question I don’t think I’ll ever find the answer to, and I definitely won’t ever be able to make that shot myself. Morrow earned himself 15 points off the bench, shooting an excellent four of six from beyond the arc. His shot may be a little unorthodox at times, but when it’s falling, the Thunder are a way better team. So keep letting it fly Morrow.

A great late stretch effort by the Hawks was not enough to take down an anger Westbrook and a funky shooting Morrow. The Thunder win their sixth game in a row, winning 102 – 99.

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