Even On an Off Night Thunder Prevail

By Shayden Smith

What in this universe could the Thunder do to acquire Anthony Davis? Give him a billion dollars? Open unibrow grooming shops on every corner? Or just give him the opportunity to play alongside a fellow superstar in Russell Westbrook. Think about it, a combination of Westbrook and Davis would be unstoppable. It would be better than a Kevin Durant/Russell Westbrook combination. Wouldn’t that be crazy? Kevin Durant playing for Oklahoma City? Like that would ever happen. But anyway, Mr. triple-double teamed up with the Brow. I don’t care who you are, you have to agree that would be a crazy team.

These two basketball playing freaks of nature met for the first time this season in what had potential to be an explosive game that would make a grown man cry tears of excitement. Neither of these men disappointed. Davis finished Sunday night’s game with 37 points, 15 boards and four blocks, in a performance that literally made me cry tears of excitement. I hate that Davis had such a good game against the Thunder, but the OKC boys finished the night with a win, so everything ended okay. I really want to grow a unibrow now, hopeful I will grow 9 inches and become an all-star. That’s how that works, right?

Westbrook came into Sunday night looking for his fifth triple-double in a row, needless to say, he got it. Honestly this is getting ridiculous. Westbrook is making triple-doubles look like a light jog. Westbrook is out there getting over 10 rebounds a game while I can’t even do 10 pushups without almost fainting. Westbrook finished the night with 28 points, 17 rebounds, and 12 assists. He also had 10 turnovers so I guess you could say he had a quadruple-double… I guess.

The Thunder had a rough night shooting from three at just 21.4 percent. Westbrook was two of eight from three, which would usually drive fans crazy, but receiving a triple-double and winning the game kind of makes up for it. Anthony Morrow was zero of five from three, but he’s moving without the ball better and still looking more confident, so keep shooting Morrow. OKC also shot only 13 of 26 from the free-throw line… really? I have no comment.

Sunday night’s game was an epic but rough game. The Pelicans played well but could not take down Thunder superstars Westbrook and Davis. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Anyway, Davis and the Pelicans could not take down the Thunder with yet another triple-double performance from Westbrook. The Thunder win it 101 – 92.



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