Thunder Trade Possibilities

Listed below are 12 possible trades (in no particular order) The Thunder could do to improve the team in different ways. Written by Walter Agnitsch, Sam Agnitsch, Wade Haugen, Shayden Smith, and Glen Chenoweth

Thunder receive Rockets receive
Trevor Ariza Kyle Singler
Semaj Christon
Draft Pick

This trade would solve a couple of problems without having to give up a main contributor like Enes Kanter or Cameron Payne. Trevor Ariza is long, athletic, and can get rebounds. He can be a starting small forward. This would also give Kyle Singler a fresh start which he could desperately use. With Sam Dekker getting more and more minutes and Corey Brewer on the roster as well the Rockets could look to get rid of some salary cap. They would also be getting a project point guard in Christon and with Patrick Beverley’s injury problems the Rockets could be looking to replace him

Thunder Receive Pacers Receive
C.J. Miles Kyle Singler
Semaj Christon
Draft Pick

The Thunder have been high on C.J. Miles for quite some time now. He is another forward that can hit the three pointers. He is also a great veteran presence for this young team. He plays hard defense and is very cap friendly. This deal would definitely be hard to get the Pacers to accept, but if anyone can it would be Sam Presti. With this Pacers team potentially getting broken if Paul George decides to leave this would give the team some young tools to help rebuild.

Thunder Receive Raptors Receive
Terrence Ross Kyle Singler
Andre Roberson
Draft Pick

Much like how The Thunder were able to get Dr. Dion Waiters from the Cavs they could potentially get Terrance Ross. Ross who just got a nice contract extension hasn’t been playing up to it. Roberson who wasn’t able to get his contract extension done might be getting dealt because that’s The Thunders MO. Ross could be a nice offensive option off the bench and can play either shooting guard or small forward.

Thunder Receive Bucks Receive
Jabari Parker Cameron Payne
Andre Roberson
future first round pick

Parker adds another young piece and fills the gaping hole left by Front Runner’s departure. He’s sitting at 37% from three on the year which can provide some relief in the paint for Russ/Oladipo. The Bucks can finally turn the keys over to Giannis and get a crafty playmaker to help facilitate in Payne, win-win.

Thunder Receive Jazz Receive
Gordon Hayward Cameron Payne
Jeff Withey Alex Abrines
Andre Roberson
Joffrey Lauvergne

Probably a reach but the closer Hayward gets to his free agency the more value he loses. Utah has an affinity for creative pick and roll PG’s that can navigate the paint which fits the bill with Payne and the Thunder add a 2nd star to the mix that Russ so desperately needs. Hayward is also an underrated defender and an outstanding 3-point shooter, all around “thunder guy”.

Thunder Receive Jazz Receive
Rodney Hood Cameron Payne

Rodney Hood would provide the Thunder with the long, lengthy wing scoring threat that they so desperately need right now. Hood is averaging 16 points on the year, along with 5 rebounds per game. His PER (Player Efficiency Rating) is 15.38 so far this season, which is very respectable. Although Hood is listed as a SG, he stands 6”8, so filling the void the Thunder have at the SF position wouldn’t be an issue for him. The Jazz right now have a log jam in their backcourt. With George Hill, Joe Johnson, Dante Exum, Gordon Hayward, and Alec Burks all vying for playing time in their backcourt, Hood makes the most sense to trade. He’s off to a very respectable start this season and has good value. If the Jazz did this move, I believe they would use Payne and another one of their backcourt players to try to trade for a very formidable player once the trade deadline approaches.

Thunder Receive Wizards Receive
Marcin Gortat Cameron Payne
Otto Porter Jr. Enes Kanter

With this trade the Thunder would receive a 6”11 center in Gortat who’s averaging a double-double so far this season. Gortat would be a great match in the pick-and-roll game with Westbrook.  The Thunder would also be receiving a former number 3 overall pick in Otto Porter Jr. Porter would provide the Thunder with a long, lengthy SF who can score and contribute on the boards. Porter Jr’s youth also would help in the deal, considering the Thunder could try to lock him up if they wanted to. In this deal the Wizards would be receiving a very solid backup PG in Cameron Payne. Payne could also eventually take the reins of the offense if the organization decides to go in another direction when John Wall’s contract comes up. Kanter would be able to step into a starting role with this team and dominate. Kanter has a great skill-set, but at times has a hard time finding consistent minutes with the Thunder. Things are bad in Washington right now, and it’s very possible that Scott Brooks may want to get some of his old Thunder players in there to help change the culture.

Thunder Receive Pacers Receive
Paul George Enes Kanter
Kyle Singler

This one is crazy but it could happen. The Indiana Pacers are having a rough season and need to make a change. Paul George has been struggling to stay healthy and the Pacers need bench scoring. The Thunder would love to have George and the Pacers would enjoy that much-needed bench scoring from Kanter and possibly Singler.

Thunder Receive Nuggets Receive
Danillo Gallinari Enes Kanter

I could see this happening. The Nuggets are another team that could use bench scoring and the Thunder need shooting. The Thunder could start Gallinari at the small forward position, giving them shooting, and they could send Roberson to the shooting guard spot and send Oladipo to the bench for bench scoring. I can see this trade working perfectly.

Thunder Receive Celtics Receive
Avery Bradley Enes Kanter
Jae Crowder Cameron Payne

This one would be a golden trade for the Thunder. The Thunder could start either Bradley or Oladipo and send the other to the bench for scoring. Having Crowder would give the Thunder a needed solid shooter. I’m not sure if the Celtics would go for this trade, but they could definitely use some more fire power at the small forward position. Having Payne would give the Celtics the opportunity to do what they want with Isaiah Thomas, if they actually want to move him anywhere.

Thunder Receive Bulls Receive
Michael Carter-Williams Anthony Morrow
Doug McDermott Cameron Payne

This trade is out of the box not sure how this would be perceived. The Thunder could start McDermott and have legitimate three-point shooting in the starting lineup. Michael Carter-Williams height and length would work well with the second team lineup. I could see The Thunder starting Westbrook, Roberson, McDermott, Sabonis, and Adams while having MCW and Oladipo come off the bench. The Bulls get their point guard for the future, who can learn a lot from Rondo. A-Mo would make up for the loss of McDermott on the three-point shooting. A-Mo is thrown into this trade so that the salaries will work out, but he has been on an uptick lately.

Thunder Receive Kings Receive
Rudy Gay Alex Abrines
Ben McLemore Kyle Singler
Cameron Payne

This is the Rudy Gay trade that I would be in favor of. We get a true playmaker in Rudy Gay, and since he would be starting we can have Oladipo come off the bench with Ben McLemore to have a dynamic second team. The Kings would get a young shooter with three more years left on his contract, a point guard for the future, and a cheap wing player. Ben McLemore has not seen a lot of playing time in Sacramento and he is only 23. Maybe a change of scenery would really help him out.


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