The Notorious One’s Next Move

The Most Likely Fights for Conor McGregor

By Jonathan Stepp

Who else was shocked by what we just witnessed at UFC 205? I have to say I was. While I always thought Conor McGregor would end up winning the fight, I was surprised at just how dominant he was throughout it. Alvarez is a phenomenal fighter in his own right, but McGregor made him look like Andre Berto against Floyd Mayweather. However, with UFC 205 behind us we have to talk about what happens now. Here are just a few examples of the more likely opponents McGregor will find himself in the octagon with.

    1.  Nate Diaz (Lightweight Division)

This one has the highest odds of happening in my humble opinion. The reason for this is that both fighters seem to want the fight. McGregor, would take the fight because he would want to close out the trilogy against his lightweight rival and cash a huge check in doing so. Diaz, wants this fight for many obvious reasons. First, McGregor now holds the 155-pound belt, and Diaz would love nothing more than to take it and close out the trilogy 2-1. Nate doesn’t even seem interested in taking any other fights until he gets this one. This fight booked at 155 for the Lightweight belt and could possibly be the biggest PPV draw in UFC history. I see the odds of this fight happening at 70%.

     2.  Tyron Woodley (Welterweight Champ)

This to me is a fight that McGregor needs to avoid. We all know he loves a challenge but this one might be biting off more than he can chew. I am a massive McGregor fan, but McGregor himself has even admitted that he would be giving up a lot of size to fight Woodley. It is a stretch for Conor to make the 170-pound limit when Woodley walks around at 205. While PPV views is certainly Conor’s number one concern, and this fight would have them, he risks losing his brand with another loss. That being said, I see the odds of this fight happening at 15%.

     3.  Khabib Nurmagomedov (Lightweight Division)

This is one that many devout MMA fans would love to see. Khabib has been very quietly dominant in his UFC career. He is a perfect 8-0 and has beaten some very prestigious fighters in his reign. Like Woodley, he would present problems for McGregor in the ring as well. He is one of the best in the business at grappling, a weak point for Conor and as far as PPV draws go, there are definitely more attractive options. Personally, this fight would be the one I would want to see the most. I see the odds of this fight happening at 15%.

I would buy all three of these fights if they happened, as all three are great fights. All three of them are potential losses for McGregor too, which is part of the appeal. Despite who he faces next one thing is for sure, everyone will be watching. 

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