Thunder Fall to Short Handed Pistons

By Shayden Smith

This past week has been a rough time for OKC fans. The Thunder has now dropped four straight games with the loss to the Detroit Pistons on Monday night. What’s going on? Is it safe to say the Thunder is now the worst team of all time? Of course not. All NBA teams go through times where it seems like they just can’t get a win, and yes, even the Warriors.

So how did the Thunder do against the shorthanded Pistons?

The Thunder had a rough night shooting only 18.5 percent from beyond the arc. It’s hard to say that any player for OKC had a great shooting night. Every quarter the Thunder seemed like they could explode and take the lead at any second, but the lead just continued to grow for the Pistons.

Although the Pistons are still without out their starting point guard, Reggie Jackson, and were without their all-star big man, Andre Drummond, tonight, they surprised the Thunder shooting 46.7 percent from the field. Tobias Harris showed some of his game tonight with 22 points, making some big shots down the stretch.

The guy I’ve been praising for the past few games, Sabonis, finished Monday night with only three points shooting one of five from the field, but this is just one game. He’ll probably come out the next game scoring 80 or so. Victor Oladipo came out of the gates in attack mode, but his mode was soon shut down. Oladipo finished the night with nine points shooting four of 17 from the field.

After looking at the stats for the Thunder, all I could think was, “How did they still keep themselves in the game through most of it?” One name, Westbrook. Mr. do-it-all for the Thunder had another explosive night scoring 33 points, grabbing 15 boards and dishing out eight dimes. Westbrook shot 11 of 21 from the field, which is great for him, and slowed the game down to his own speed most of the time. Westbrooks only problem throughout this game was his seven turnovers. Turnovers will always come back to haunt Westbrook but he doesn’t care.

Westbrook has been giving his heart and soul for the Thunder since the beginning of the season, but his team is still having a rough time winning. Westbrook has given his loyalty for the Thunder and OKC fans everywhere, but for how competitive a player he is, he’s going to start wanting wins more and more.

Will Westbrook keep his loyalty to the Thunder organization if nothing changes? Will Sam Presti figure something out to keep Oklahoma’s superstar happy? It’s still early in the season and the Thunder will for sure begin to start getting their rhythm back, but these situations can make any Thunder fan fearful about the future of OKC basketball.


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