Raptors Give Thunder Their Second Loss of the Season

By Shayden Smith

Two of the best teams from each conference going head to head. Two all-star point guards showing what they can do with the ball in their hands. The OKC Thunder and the Toronto Raptors. Did The Thunder continue their amazing start to the season? Not quite.

The Thunder started the game off strong taking a seven-point lead after the first quarter, but the two Raptor all-stars had the last laugh. DeMar DeRozan ended the night with 37 points shooting 13 of 22, putting another MVP-caliber performance in the books. Kyle Lowry almost had a triple-double with 19 points, 13 assists, and nine boards. Lowry may be a little guy but he’s doing everything he can to help his team win… Sounds like someone we know.

The Thunder played a solid game. Sabonis, Adams, and Kanter all proved once again that the Thunder big men are not to be messed with. Sabonis only had seven points but was taking open shots and looking confident. Kanter came off the bench with eight points shooting three of three. Kanter took smart shots and lead the way off the bench, although he didn’t get many looks. Steven Adams impressed Thunder fans everywhere shooting eight of eight from the free throw line. Adams ended the night with 14 points and 12 boards. The stache bros continued to impress tonight through a tough loss.

The player who impressed me the most tonight was Victor Oladipo. Oladipo had 18 points shooting five of nine from the three point line. He made some huge hustle plays down the stretch grabbing eight boards.

So how did OKC’s MVP do? Did Russell Westbrook have another huge game? Well that’s a difficult question. Westbrook finished the night with 38 points, which is awesome looking on paper, but he only shot nine of 26 from the field and only three of 12 from three. Westbrook had seven assists and seven rebounds, but he also had eight turnovers. Although Westbrook had a good game, he struggled with keeping a level head in crunch time. He made a few quick plays and took some unnecessary threes.

Westbrook lead the Thunder to a difficult shooting night at only 35.3 percent from three. But is Westbrook done? Of course not. He’s going to come out against the Clippers on Friday night with a fire in his eyes. Westbrook may have some difficult nights, but he’s not going to give up.

All said and done The Thunder fall to the hot shooting Raptors 102 – 112.

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